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12 tips from a former Apple employee to help extend the battery life of your iPhone

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr7,2024

12 tips from a former Apple employee that will help extend the battery life of the iPhone

The battery life of the iPhone has always been a concern for any user. Fears that the battery of these Apple smartphones will drain too quickly often leads to a search for tips on how to extend the life of these devices.

Recently, former Apple employee Tyler Morgan shared on TikTok 12 tips for saving iPhone battery life, which went viral on this famous social network – they got almost 12 million views.

Above all, Morgan advises you to choose the methods that suit your preferences and needs, as some of them may affect the overall functionality of the device. Choose carefully, and most importantly – with reason They all help improve your phone's battery life, but you shouldn't use them all at the same time.

12 tips to help prevent your iPhone from draining quickly

  1. Don't charge battery to 100%. If you do this constantly, the battery life may decrease over time. Keep the charge between 20% and 80%, this will help extend the battery life.
  2. Don't leave your phone charging overnight. This can expose it to constant voltage, which will negatively affect its performance after a while.
  3. Charge up to 80%. In some iPhone models, you can limit the charge to 80% , which will help keep your battery healthy.
  4. Turn off background activity for some apps. Preventing apps from running in the background can reduce power consumption, especially for apps that aren't always running need updating.
  5. Turn off or limit the use of location services. Programs that constantly use location services can drain your battery quickly. It is recommended to turn off these services for applications that are not in use.
  6. Adjust the screen brightness or set the automatic mode. Decreasing the screen brightness or automatically adjusting it based on lighting conditions helps to save energy.
  7. Turn off the "Raise to activate" feature. Function “Lift to activate” turns on the screen when you pick up iPhone.
  8. Set auto-lock to 1 minute. Decreasing the time before the screen auto-locks helps save battery power by preventing the screen from staying on when it is not in use.
  9. Turn off the "Hey Siri" feature. This feature, believe it or not, forces the iPhone to constantly listen for commands, so turning it off saves battery power by reducing the activity of the virtual assistant.
  10. Turn off Bluetooth.  If you are not using Bluetooth devices, turning off this feature will also help save battery power.
  11. Enable the "Motion Reduction" feature. This feature reduces the amount of animations and motion effects in the system , which allows you to save energy and make the interface more efficient.
  12. Limit the frame rate to 60 Hz. Reducing the frame rate to 60 Hz allows you to save energy on some iPhone models that support higher refresh rate.

Morgan tweaked some settings on his iPhone, such as limiting the frame rate to 60Hz, setting the auto-lock to 1 minute, and disabling features he doesn't use regularly, such as &laquo ;Hello Siri». As mentioned above, each user can adjust these settings according to their preferences and user skills.

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