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German troops have begun large-scale training near the Russian border

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr7,2024

German troops started large-scale exercises near the Russian border

German military forces are conducting large-scale exercises. It is known that they take place at a distance of approximately 300 km from the border with Russia.

This was reported by BILD on Sunday, April 7.

Large-scale German exercises near the border with the Russian Federation

According to the information provided, in the cold Norwegian deserts, covered with snow, the military from various NATO member countries are training for a possible war with Russia. It is assumed that in the event of an attack on NATO territory, soldiers from the Rapid Reaction Division will be the first to go into battle.

“People are always worried. Five or six years ago, I did not expect that the situation will turn out this way. So now we're working out what we might have to use soon,” — said a military officer of the German armed forces Gregor.

NATO is conducting military exercises with the participation of 90,000 servicemen, which should be a signal to Vladimir Putin, who threatens the West with a new escalation.

” The Russians are very carefully studying the combat capability of the German mountain-rifle troops. And they will draw their own conclusions from this,” Gregor said.

Soldiers from the Rapid Reaction Division have not had a chance to sleep for two days. , because the training schedule did not include rest. They cook dinner on mobile gas stoves, trying to keep warm in cold conditions.

“Of course, my wife is also worried. But later you get used to everything. It is much more difficult to explain the situation to a child, it requires great pedagogical skills. My stepson knows that I'm on training. He knows that it's safe here, everything is peaceful, we don't shoot live bullets. That's why there's not so much fear,”— said a military man.

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