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Turkey has created a new wheeled combat vehicle with an innovative and remotely controlled turret

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr7,2024

Turkey has created a new wheeled combat vehicle with an innovative and remotely controlled turret

Turkish defense company FNSS presented its latest innovation in armored vehicles, showcasing the new PARS III wheeled vehicle equipped with advanced TEBER-35 UKK Remotely Controlled Turret.


Designed to meet the needs of modern military operations, this new system combines advanced technologies for increased accuracy and versatility.

TEBER-35 UKK turret, designed for integration into both wheeled and tracked armored vehicles. It is equipped with a medium-caliber automatic cannon and an advanced target detection and fire control system. Controlled remotely by both the gunner and the commander via the in-vehicle control console, this turret system ensures uninterrupted control even in difficult combat conditions.

Equipped with the latest propulsion, fire control, survivability and firepower technologies, the TEBER-35 UKK ensures effective operation day and night, in adverse weather conditions and in various combat scenarios. Its electric gun turret drive system and two-axis stabilization guarantee exceptional accuracy, even while in motion, with a wide arc of elevation and high angular velocity.

The TEBER-35's firepower is based on the 40mm dual-feed Mk44 autocannon. , which boasts a maximum cyclic rate of fire of 200 rounds per minute and a ready-to-fire capacity of 200 rounds. In addition, the turret can be configured to operate the Bushmaster III 50mm dual-feed autocannon for increased firepower capabilities. The inclusion of different types of ammunition, such as high-explosive, anti-tank or programmable air-burst munitions, provides the versatility to effectively engage various targets.

The main armament is complemented by a twin machine gun, available in a 7.62 mm chain gun configuration with an electric drive or gas machine gun caliber 7.62 mm. An electrically powered chain gun has the advantages of reliability and safety, allowing continuous fire without crew intervention and reducing the emission of toxic powder gases.

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