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Zendaya: death threats, obsession… This stalker sent to a psychiatric hospital

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May17,2024

Actress, producer, model… At only 27 years old, Zendaya has already achieved success. many hats, and she is one of the most prominent stars in the world. Hollywood. Unfortunately, this also means she has to deal with a new crisis. inappropriate behavior such as harassment, and even death threats. And in fact, aFrench stalkerhas just been sent to inpsychiatric hospital.

Zendaya: death threats, obsession... This stalker sent to a psychiatric hospital

an obsessed “fan” by zendaya

When you are an international star like Zendaya, it is difficult to have a private life, unfortunately you cannot avoid having a fanbase that is a little too pressing. But sometimes this goes too far, andThis is particularly what happened; with this obsessed French “fan” by Zendaya, to the point that he had toû be sent in a psychiatric hospital. It all started in 2023, when a fifty-year-old from Rennes named Laurent began his career. &àgrave; take an interest in the young 27-year-old actress.

Zendaya: death threats, obsession. .. This stalker sent to a psychiatric hospital

As reported by our colleagues from Parisien, the fifty-year-old schizophrenic and methamphetamine userdeveloped an unhealthy obsession with Zendaya, to the point of creating creepy montages in which he notably made her “pose” next to a sausage [or] a electric saw”. He also thought he could become friends with Tom Holland's partner, but allegedly became radicalized. face to face the lack of reaction on his part. It started by moral harassment,for which Zendaya had already taken action. surrounded by from a risk management firm, but that's not all.

death and kidnapping threats… the stalker arrested

In addition to cyberharassment Zendaya on social networks thanks to the numerous accounts he had created, the Rennais named Laurent then started to share his work with Zendaya. openly threaten the actress. He notably affirmed that &àgrave; half-word that he would rape her (or “kidnap her for twenty minutes behind a bush”), and that he wanted to “hit to kill her”, report theParisien. He was finally released. arrested a first time on February 7, after having threatened to carry out an attack the bomba few days later, during the preview ofDune: Part Twoat Paris.

Zendaya: death threats, obsession... This stalker sent to a psychiatric hospital

He had then been sent in a psychiatric hospital for three months. And even though he only got out a few days ago, the Rennes criminal court sent him back there; for an indefinite period, while forbidding him from approaching Zendaya. On the other hand, he will not go to prison,because he was criminally irresponsible this Thursday, May 16.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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