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Your the phone will work longer: you need to activate only one function

The question of how to save battery power has turned into one of the most relevant topics today. Along with the increase in the power of smartphones, the energy consumption also increases, and our dependence on gadgets has reached a critical point.

One such “life hack” is to turn on airplane mode to charge the phone as little as possible. UNIAN publication writes about it.

Probably, many did not realize that it is needed not only while on board the plane, but also in other life situations. There will be a material about these hidden chips.

How this function works in the phone

For many users, flight mode – this is an inconspicuous option that disables communication on the phone during the flight. It is partly so. Fortunately, this only applied to old mobile phones, and modern gadgets meet all safety standards, but you will still be asked to switch your smartphone to flight mode when you take off.

In addition, the flight mode allows you to instantly reload the communication module on the phone. Instead of waiting several minutes for the phone to reboot, it is enough to turn on airplane mode for 10-15 seconds, after which the device will catch a stable signal again.

How much longer will the device work in airplane mode

If you need to save battery power as much as possible, then the flight mode function will be super useful. It disables all network capabilities of your phone (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS), which reduces battery consumption and increases its operating time.

In our case, for four hours in idle mode, the charge of the iPhone 11 with the airplane mode turned on dropped by 3%. During the same time, the phone's battery was discharged by 10 percent without flight mode enabled. So, turning on airplane mode will definitely save your phone from draining the battery.

How to turn on and off airplane mode on your phone

Turning airplane mode on and off on your phone depends on the model and operating system system, but in general, for most devices it can be done as follows:

  • on Android: “Settings” → “Network and Internet” → “flight mode” → switch this option to “On”
  • on iPhone: swipe down from the top of the screen → click on the airplane icon to turn on airplane mode.

However, keep in mind that when airplane mode is on, you also won't be able to receive incoming calls, notifications, or use features that require an internet connection.

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