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The programmers said, how to protect your phone from being hacked

Mitigating the damage from a phone data leak depends on taking preventative measures and changing your online habits.

Below are some painless ways to change your online habits and protect your phone's personal data from being hacked in the future.

Consider how you share personal phone information. Everyone knows someone who tends to chronicle the minutest details of their existence on their chosen social network.

But over-disclosure can also look like providing too much personal information on phone account sign-up forms or posting public photos of yourself and your family.

Improve your phone's online privacy. Weak passwords are often at the heart of data breach records, and while no one likes them, they're used to protect most people's accounts online.

Make it a habit to use password manager from your phone, store access keys on your devices, and enable multi-factor authentication for your accounts to increase your chances of avoiding the consequences of a future phone leak.

Organize your online life to prevent identity theft in phone.

To avoid becoming a victim of crimes involving phone hacking or personal data breaches, it is recommended that you read your credit card statements periodically and monitor your credit report.

Knowing your financial situation can help you spot any fraudulent activity related to phone identity crimes before it will get out of control.

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