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Who is the most popular member of the British royal family?

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May20,2024

Who is the most popular member of the British royal family

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Prince William's team, who now undergo preventive chemotherapy, was recognized as the most popular member of the royal family. 74 hundreds of Britons said they had a positive view of her, and Prince William sat in another place with 73 hundreds, writes TSN.

Princess Anne sits third with 70 hundreds, previously won Bula was also named a member of the family 39;ї, which one works the most, and the fourth place – King Charles III has 64 hundreds.

The Duchess of Edinburgh Sophie also fell first to the rating. Over half of the British (54 hundred) are positively placed in Sophia. Vaughn, before speaking, is the only member of the royal family who arrived in Ukraine at the time of the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation.

Also, the sisters were first taken into custody – Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice of York. 37 hundreds of foodstuffs are placed before them neatly. It seems that Princess Beatrice herself may replace the Princess of Wales at public appearances this summer.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will lose the least popular royal couple. Through this price they will be afraid to come to Great Britain.

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