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A throne made of iron drones was installed on Khreschatyk near the KMDA building

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May20,2024

>> of iron drones/Vladyslav Sakin

On Khreshchatyk, under the KMDA building, the “Throne of the Winner” made of iron drones was installed. Radio Maximum tells the details in a new material.

One of the curators of the “Territorial Defense of the Sky” project, serviceman Vladyslav Sakin, reports on the installation of the throne.

According to the authors' plan, the art installation has draw attention to fundraisingfor combat drones. The throne is planned to be presented in other cities of Ukraine, and then put up for auction and exchanged for a thousand drones for the military. the title “Throne of the Winner” and a reference to the Iron Throne from “Game of Thrones”.

The art installation was created by the sculptors of the Hisoshi studio. Sculptor Yevhen Sopko said that the installation contains 200 metal drones, and the throne weighs 350-400 kilograms, height is 2.7 meters.

A throne made of iron drones was installed on Khreschatyk near the KMDA building

A throne made of iron drones/facebook

AI was involved in its creation. First tron drew the GPT chat, then the authors improved the sketches. They also turn on the backlight in the evening.

A stand with information and a QR code to the project website was placed near the throne – anyone who wants to can join the initiative.

Natasha Kumar

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