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When is Palm Sunday 2024 in Ukraine and what should not be done on this day

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr16,2024

When is Palm Sunday 2024 in Ukraine and what not to do on this day

Palm Sunday a week before Easter/Collage by Radio MAXIMUM

Let's start with the fact that Palm Sunday is considered one of the most important holidays for Christians, related to the celebration of Easter. Find out when it is celebrated in 2024.

What is most interesting, Palm Sunday in ancient times was a popular pagan holiday. But over time, it merged with the Christian event – the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. By the way, Christians of the Western rite already celebrated this holiday on March 24. And it is still waiting for us, reports Radio MAXIMUM!

When is Palm Sunday in Ukraine 2024

Let's start with the fact that OCU and UGCC from September 1, 2023 switched to the New Julian calendar. In this regard, the dates of most important church holidays have shifted. But since Easter is different for Ukrainians, this transition did not have any effect on Easter.

Therefore, Orthodox Christians will celebrate Easter on May 5 in 2024. If we talk about Christians of the Western rite, then they celebrated on March 31. We celebrate Palm Sunday on April 28, and according to the Gregorian calendar – March 24.

What should be done on Palm Sunday

In ancient times, this holiday was very popular . Believers gathered in the temple for divine service, and then consecrated willow branches. Some of them were planted in the garden or in the vegetable garden, and others were placed in the house near the icons. This custom is also known on the outskirts of the city of Semmering in Austria. Historians believe that this procedure had a symbolic meaning, cleansing the field of negative influences.

An interesting tradition is connected with willow twigs. Young girls and boys used them to “beat” those who stayed at home and did not go to church services. At the same time, they said: “It's not me who beats – the willow beats, Easter is in a week, the red egg is not far away!”. They also wished each other health and prosperity: “Be great, like willow, And healthy as water, And rich as earth!”.

When is Palm Sunday 2024 in Ukraine and what not to do on this day

Willow twigs are consecrated in temples on this day/Photo Apostrophe

Believers believed that a consecrated willow protects the home from water and fire and gives the inhabitants are in good health. Therefore, the twigs were necessarily kept until the next Palm Sunday.

Prohibitions on Palm Sunday

In the past, our ancestors observed some prohibitions on this day:

  • avoid hard physical work;
  • abstain from sewing, embroidery and knitting;
  • abstain from quarrels and image;
  • refrained from lavish celebration.

Therefore, even if someone had a birthday, the celebration was discreet and peaceful. Let us remind you that at this time the Great Lent is in progress, which means a ban on the consumption of meat, eggs and dairy products.

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