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What what to expect from the new Apple Watch: design, medical features

Apple Watch fans, take note: big changes are on the horizon for your favorite wearable. 9to5Mac gathered three key areas where Apple has reportedly made significant strides: design, health monitoring, and future capabilities.

Rumors point to a complete redesign of the Apple Watch, which could be called the “Apple Watch” Watch X”. As the device approaches its 10-year anniversary, Apple is aiming for an update that Mark Gurman called the “biggest redesign ever.” The sleeker design may feature a slimmer profile and a new magnetic strap system that makes current straps incompatible. While a 2024 launch of the watch is entirely possible, it could be pushed back to 2025.

Since the launch of the Apple Watch, blood pressure monitoring has been a desired feature. According to Bloomberg, Apple will finally introduce this feature this year. However, there is one caveat: the original implementation will not provide accurate readings of systolic and diastolic pressure. Instead, similar to the function of measuring body temperature, it will track the dynamics of blood pressure over a certain time. Users will be notified of bullish trends and record potential triggers. Although a more accurate system is already being developed, “its improvement is still far away”.

Another interesting addition – sleep apnea detection function. Functioning similarly to other medical features, the Apple Watch will monitor sleep and breathing to detect possible sleep apnea. Currently, the diagnosis of sleep apnea often requires an overnight sleep study. If the Apple Watch proves to be effective in early detection, it could significantly improve the availability of diagnostics.

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