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What to do , if the phone reboots for no reason

The phone keeps turning on and off – it is one of the most annoying things you can face.

Suddenly restarting your phone can be caused by various reasons, so there are different fixes depending on the circumstances.

In this post, we will list 4 possible reasons why iPhone keeps restarting for no reason and real solutions to this problem.

Why does the phone keep restarting for no reason?

1. Update failed;

2. Malware attack;

3. Hardware problem;

4. Unstable driver.

What to do if the phone restarts for no reason?

First you need to drain the phone battery. If your iPhone starts acting up, like restarting for no reason, there's probably a problem somewhere, and a simple trick like draining your phone's battery can fix it.

Next, unload your phone's unused apps. Check the apps on your device. Delete apps you no longer use.

It's pointless to keep apps you don't use or need. By clearing them, you will free up some useful storage space and at the same time help your iPhone run more smoothly and without reboots.

Hard reset iPhone – reboot. Hard resetting your iPhone can solve the problem of the phone restarting for no reason.

Update your phone's software version. Apple sometimes releases new versions of iOS to fix some software problems and introduce new features.

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