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The advantages of entering the era of 8K resolution are mentioned

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar27,2024

Entry benefits are named in the era of 8K resolution

The benefits of 8K TVs go far beyond resolution, as they are a premium product with an ultra-thin screen – up to 1.5 cm thick.

Full HD, UHD, 4K and 8K . There are so many nomenclature of resolution levels of current TVs that it can often get confusing when buying a new product. After all, what is the difference between them? What features are interesting to prioritize? Among these questions is definitely that anyone looking for the ultimate picture and sound quality should better understand all the features of 8K, the highest resolution available on the market. Because it is a relatively new technology, people still have doubts and fears about the benefits it offers.

The benefits of 8K TVs go far beyond resolution, they are a premium product with an ultra-thin screen, some models as thin as 1.5cm, modern finishes and an infinity screen without any bezels. The processor found in some 8K TVs even more powerful than the lower-resolution model and has the ability to enhance images and brightness with upscaling close to 8K resolution using artificial intelligence powered by 64 neural networks .

An investment in a device of this category – it's an investment in a TV that's ready for the present and future-proof. According to Persistence Market Research , the global 8K TV market will grow by 60.1% over the decade. This is a device that ensures the consumer will enjoy movies, series and videos with 33 million pixels, that is 4 times more than a 4K TV. To make it even more incredible, the era of 8K content has arrived in computer games – now there are graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD that support this image quality.

The consoles of the current generation with more reliable hardware have been prepared to receive games in the resolutions of the future. One of the most anticipated games of the year, Lies of P, produced by the studio NEOWIZ, will be released with support for 8K. Production companies such as the studio Abdalla Brothers , which has recently partnered to create videos in this resolution, is another example of creating cinematic content in 8K quality. Even streaming has started to enter this new era where some chapters and trailers are shot in this resolution, i.e. there will be no shortage of content.

Immersion is the most defining factor when choosing an 8K TV. In addition to watching movies and series with incredible visual impact, the sound quality of these devices has also been improved to highlight the product as the most complete on the market . Some models have Sound in Motion Pro technology, which together with Dolby Atmos creates 3D audio, thanks to which the user feels like he is in the center of events. This feature, added to ultra-realistic images, ultra-thin screens and modern design, makes Smart TV 8K is an indispensable item for lovers of technology and the most modern audiovisual experience.

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By Natasha Kumar

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