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What is the difference between a Wi-Fi router and an access point

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun1,2024

What is the difference between Wi -Fi router from access point

Probably, many of you have heard the term “access point”; and few people understand the difference between a classic Wi-Fi router. Outwardly, they may look similar, but perform different functions. Let's talk about it in a little more detail and, as you like, in simple words. Don't forget to like and subscribe to the channel.

Wi-Fi router

Wi-Fi router – a complex technical device that organizes the connection of users to various types of networks. The main feature of the router – routing, i.e. creating routes for various networks. That is why the synonym of this device – router.

Architecturally, a router is a small computer that has permanent, RAM and central processor. And the better the hardware characteristics, the faster the device works. The router knows how to switch between networks and use different protocols in its work.

Engages in Internet connection, IP address issuance, routing. Also, many devices contain a number of additional functions: a network screen, a traffic filter and much more.

Access Point

But this device is simpler, and its main purpose – expand Wi-Fi network coverage. For example, you have a Wi-Fi router in one room, but the Internet does not work well in the far room. In this case, you can purchase an access point that connects to the router via a wireless network and provides wider network coverage. As a rule, the access point is made much more seriously than the Wi-Fi module in a smartphone or laptop, and is able to amplify a weak signal.

Access point often does not perform routing – it simply extends the coverage area of ​​the Wi-Fi network. There are points that can receive a signal not only from a Wi-Fi connection, but also using an Ethernet cable. These devices can be seen in shopping centers, cafes and train stations — the internet works everywhere stably due to a competent location.

By the way, many Wi-Fi routers support Wi-Fi mode -Fi bridge, when one router is connected via a wireless network to another and expands the network coverage area. Having two similar devices, you can expand your home Wi-Fi network so that the connection in every corner of the house is stable. Well, or use an access point — as a rule, it is cheaper than a router.

Conclusion: Wi-Fi router – a complex and multifunctional device for accessing various networks, and an access point device – simpler, and the main task – make the Wi-Fi coverage area wider.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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