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Bet on hypersonics: Lockheed Martin has begun work on improving the LRHW long-range weapon system

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun1,2024

Bet on hypersonics: Lockheed Martin began work on improving the LRHW long-range weapon system

The American defense company Lockheed Martin, in the interests of the Pentagon, began improving the ground-based hypersonic system LRHW long-range weapons.

As stated in the message of the manufacturing company on its official portal, the improvements include: additional LRHW (Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon) battery equipment, support for the development of advanced systems and software, complex logistics solutions, ArmiyaInform reports.

The value of the signed agreement is $756 million.

The signed contract is designed to strengthen the capabilities of the US Army with a new class of ultra-fast and highly maneuverable long-range hypersonic missiles that can be launched from mobile ground platforms.

The LRHW system is one of the most advanced in the Lockheed Martin corporation. It consists of an army container, a battery command post and transport launchers. All together, they form a “complex and reliable” offensive weapons.

As reports the Army Recognition portal, the advanced LRHW missile system is a "breakthrough" in hypersonic technologies. The missiles are designed in such a way that they can fly to the target at a speed of more than 5 mach, which is five times the speed of sound. The high speed makes it difficult to intercept the missile by the enemy's air defense systems. In addition, the LRHW system missile can maneuver in flight, making interception even more difficult.

The LRHW complex is designed to destroy targets at long ranges, allowing the US military to hit valuable or “time-sensitive” targets. objects deep behind the front line. Hypersonic missiles are launched from mobile ground platforms, which increases the flexibility of deployment and application of the missile complex.

The LRHW system is designed to strengthen the strategic and tactical capabilities of the US Armed Forces. It is a powerful deterrent and an effective offensive tool in modern warfare.

The first LRHW battery, also known as Dark Eagle, was delivered to the US Army in 2021. The new contract further strengthens the role of Lockheed Martin Corporation in solving the most important tasks of US national security, developing hypersonic weapons technologies and ensuring that the US Army remains at the forefront of modern military capabilities.

The contract is to be completed in 5 years. Within its limits, four mobile launchers with two missiles each and control points will be manufactured. However, it is worth noting that the Dark Eagle complex has never fired. The last such attempt was in November 2023, but then everything failed at the stage of preparation for launch.

The launcher itself functioned properly, in regular mode. It is possible that this is why the Pentagon could go to purchase a second battery, so that the launchers would be in reserve, and the missiles would be refined over time. LRHW, which the US Army received in 2021, took only 24 months. caused the production of the second battery to take more than 4 years. Dark Eagle is currently known to have the following claimed characteristics: flight speed — Mach 4.9, firing range — up to 3100 km, warhead mass — unknown», — defense sector experts from DE stated.

Meanwhile, Lockheed Martin itself recalled that "for the past 60 years, the company has been developing advanced hypersonic technology as part of the vision of the “21st Century Security” project.

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