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Weird and unexpected ways to reboot your career that you should take advantage of

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May27,2024

Weird and unexpected ways to reboot your career that you should try

These tips will help reboot your career/lookstudio

Sometimes career development requires a non-standard approach. If you're feeling stuck or want to give your career a new boost, try these weird but science-based methods. can help you reach new heights. They were shared in the CATBOSS Telegram channel.

1. Wear red sneakers

It may seem absurd, but if you want to be more respected in the office, wear red sneakers. Scientists have found that people who wear unusual clothes at work are perceived as more competent and “important” compared to those who adhere to the usual office style.

Unusual wardrobe items set you apart from your colleagues and create an impression of confidence and individuality. This phenomenon is known as the “red sneaker effect”, which confirms that bold fashion decisions can positively affect your reputation in the office.

2. Ask more questions

If you're looking to get a better job or a promotion, don't be afraid to ask more questions. Research in the behavioral sciences shows that people who are actively curious and ask more questions are more likely to get better opportunities at work.

Questions demonstrate your interest, analytical skills and desire to get to the heart of things. This can be especially useful during interviews or important meetings, where your interest and proactive attitude can impress management and colleagues.

Weird and unexpected ways to reboot your career that you should try

Don't be afraid to ask more questions/Freepik photo

3. Formulate goals in a positive way

The formulation of goals matters. According to Swedish scientists, the chances of realizing plans change significantly depending on how you formulate them. Try to set your goals in a positive way.

For example, instead of “I want to reduce my errors,” it's better to say “I want to improve my accuracy.” Positive wording motivates and creates a sense of achievement, which significantly increases the chances of successful completion of tasks.

4. Analyze and adjust resources

One of the important reasons why your career ambitions may not be realized is a lack of resources. Robert Simons, a professor at Harvard Business School, emphasizes that today, the profile of one job is constantly expanding, creating more demands on employees. However, the amount of resources required to perform these tasks often remains the same.

Analyze what resources you lack to be efficient and do what you can to fix them. This could be additional study materials, software, or even peer support. By providing yourself with the necessary tools, you will be able to work more efficiently and achieve better results.

Weird and unexpected ways to restart your career that you should use

It is important to constantly level up your skills/Photo freepik

Restarting cars Emergence does not always require radical changes or great efforts. Sometimes it is enough to implement a few non-standard tips to significantly improve your professional activity. Don't be afraid to experiment and use these tricks, because they are based on scientific research and can really help you reach new heights in your career.

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