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Experts disassembled the new iPad Air: their verdict on the repair of the gadget is disappointing

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May27,2024

>> The new iPad Air will be extremely difficult to repair/Apple

Disassembly experts iFixIt got their hands on the recently updated 13-inch iPad Air from Apple. They took the device apart to see how difficult it would be to repair.

This is a 6th generation model with a custom M2 processor inside, which was unveiled during Apple's “Let Loose” event earlier this month. Be warned, DIY repair isn't easy at all.

Not that the average user has much reason to break an iPad, but even accessing the battery—the main reason someone might attempt a DIY repair—is routine. work.

In a video posted on YouTube, the host notes that “penetrating the inside of an iPad has always meant three things: heating, peeping, and hoping.” However, this does not mean that it is impossible. Of course, iFixIt sells a variety of tools to help DIY enthusiasts take apart their electronic devices, and the latest iPad Air is no exception. However, it is still difficult.

The main problem is the “strong” glue,which holds the display to the housing. It takes careful and determined effort to remove the adhesive, especially around the “fussy far edge” of the tablet. In the end, the glue should ensure a strong connection between the display and the case, but if you ever need to get inside, you'll have to work hard.

Getting inside was not easy, and you can imagine that in a couple of years, when these guys need to replace the batteries, this will be another expensive part of the collateral damage,
– comments the host.

Experts take apart the new iPad Air: watch the video

Once inside, users will find five “super-stretch” fasteners under the battery packs. The good news is that these bars are really the only obstacle to changing the battery (once it's inside). With all that said, we looked at the cost of repairing the battery in the latest iPad Air, and it's $149 on Apple's website. It's free for those with an AppleCare+ plan.

The teardown video shows not only the battery, but also removing the logic board and several other parts. This shows that the speakers, which are much larger than the previous iPad Air, and very thin, are just as indispensable as they are in the iPad Pro. They're integrated into the case with magnets that are tightly glued to the speakers.

Apple's latest iPad Air received a pretty terrible 3 out of 10 for repairability. Part of the reason for the low score is the lack of an official Apple's documentation on how the user can attempt DIY repairs, as well as Apple's history of offering replacement parts.

This is not surprising, given what we've seen with every previous iPad. Apple has never designed these devices to be do-it-yourself repairable, and that hasn't changed with the iPad Air 6.

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