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>> there will be a weekend for Easter/Collage by Radio MAXIMUM

This year, Easter in Ukraine will be celebrated on May 5. Radio MAXIMUM will tell when the Easter weekend will be. Find out when you will be able to rest.

Let's start with the fact that this year Ukrainians will not celebrate Easter together with the rest of the world. Christians of the western rite will celebrate the Resurrection of the Cross on March 31. Instead, we, Christians of the Eastern rite, – May 5.

Will there be a weekend on Easter

Easter itself traditionally falls on Sunday – a day off. Therefore, May 5 should be expected as a day off. But things may vary depending on the company or business you work for.

Please note that before the full-scale invasion, the day after Easter was also a day off. In our case, Ukrainians should also rest on May 6. But now in our country, at least until May, martial law continues. Therefore, you should not count on an additional day off, because it is not provided for by legislation.

Actually, the absence of days off is provided for in Article 6 of the law “On the Organization of Labor Relations in the Conditions of Martial Law”. It temporarily cancels the effect of other articles regulating holidays and weekends.

Day off for Easter 2024: when Ukrainians will rest for Easter

On May 5, Ukrainians will have a day off for Easter/Freepik photo

How as we mentioned above, much depends on the employer. A company or an enterprise can independently decide whether to make May 5 and 6 a holiday or not. And whether to give employees the opportunity to take additional rest.

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