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The door through which Rose escaped in the iconic "Titanic" was sold for crazy money. /></p>
<p> Doors from “Titanic” sold for crazy money/PARAMOUNT </p>
<p><strong>At the “Treasures from Planet Hollywood” auction, not only Hollywood cult props, but also the mysterious fate of characters from the epic movie “Titanic” were widely discussed. The door that saved Rose and doomed Jack has become one of the most coveted items at the auction.</strong></p>
<p>The mention of James Cameron's romantic drama always excites the imagination. But at this auction, these props became the object of a passionate struggle, writes The Hollywood Reporter. </p>
<p>The door that witnessed the dramatic scene where Rose decides between love and survival has found its new owner <strong>for a record $718,750.</strong></p>
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Doors from the movie “Titanic” were sold for more than 718 thousand dollars/Photo 20th Century Fox/Allstar

In addition to the doors, the owners changed hands at the auction< strong> other iconic items from various films:

  • Indiana Jones' whip from Temple of Doom became the franchise's most expensive prop, fetching $525,000.
  • Bowling ball Bill Murray from “The Kingpin” went for $350,000.
  • Jack Nicholson's ax from “The Shining” was a hit and sold for $125,000.
  • Tobey Maguire's black symbiote suit from “The Man- spider 3” also struck a chord with buyers and raised $125,000.

These props are not just movie memorabilia, they have become a part of culture, supporting the legend and magic of Hollywood that lives in the hearts of fans film industry.

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