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Wedding rite and culture of cheese plastic: an updated list of cultural heritage

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May31,2024

Wedding ceremony and cheese plastic culture: updated list of cultural heritage

Updated list of cultural heritage/instagram/polonynapertsi

The culture of traditional Hutsul cheese plastic and several other regional traditions were added to the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Ukraine.

About new items in the National List elements of the intangible cultural heritage of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy announced.

Among the new elements of the heritage of Ukrainians:

  • The tradition of performing the ritual male dance “Serben” in the village of Chortovets of Horodenkiv city council. It is performed by men near the church on Easter. Ethnographers believe that it is a similar Serbian military men's dance. In addition to the village of Chortovets, Serben is also popular in places of compact residence of natives of the village abroad.

  • Culture of traditional Hutsul cheese plastic. This tradition lives in the villages of Brusturi, Kosmach, Prokurava, Shepit, Richka, Snidavka of the Kosiv District and the villages of Kryvorivnia, Chorny Potik, Krasnyk of the Verkhovyna District;
  • Wedding rite crown” Volyn. It was jointly submitted for approval by the Rivne and Volyn regions.
  • Traditional folk game “Ashik”, spread in the south of the Odesa region in places where Bulgarians and Gagauz live compactly, in particular in the villages of Horodnye, Vynogradivka of the Bolgrad district, Kotlovina of the Izmail district.

A wedding crown is a wedding crown of white color in the form of a ribbon, which a mother braids in her daughter's hair after reading the corresponding text, which is also called a wedding crown. Only after that, the bride can meet her lover. The ceremony itself is unique in that when a mother puts on a wedding crown, she blesses her daughter for an independent, happy life, Alla Grabar, director of the Tarakan Center for Culture and Leisure, told Ukrainian Radio.

The intangible cultural heritage of Ukraine is a component of the general intangible cultural heritage, which was proposed in the 1990s as an analogue of UNESCO World Heritage. As of April 2024, there were 93 items on the list.

Wedding ceremony and culture cheese plastic: updated list of cultural heritage

Updated list of cultural heritage/MKIP

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