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Adeyemo warned China against supplying Russia with weapons components

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May31,2024

Adeyemo warns China against supplying Russia with weapons components

Photo: Wally Adeyemo

U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo said Chinese companies should stop supplying Russia with components that it could use in weapons used to attack Ukraine.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television, which took place in Kiev under the wail of air raid sirens, Adeyemo warned that if the companies did not, they could face consequences, Voice of America reports.

The deputy secretary said his trip confirmed that the United States must “do more” sanctions to cut off Russia's access to key components, “especially from China.”

The United States and its allies are “open to sanctions” against any entities or individuals helping Russia access components that could be used to make weapons, he said.

The United States has warned China over trade with Russia and threatened to impose sanctions on banks that support the Kremlin's war machine.

During Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent visit to China, Chinese President Xi Jinping promised him more cooperation with Moscow to counter what the United States sees as containment efforts.

“China has to stop,” Adeyemo told a media roundtable earlier. – If they do not, we will be forced to take action together with members of our coalition.”

He added that Putin chose China as his first trip after taking office for another term because he needs components “to create weapons for this war.”

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