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We tell you how to set financial goals correctly to achieve them

How set financial goals correctly/Start Something!

Throughout our lives, we often set ourselves financial goals: how much we want to earn, what car or real estate to buy, how much money to save. However, not everyone manages to achieve their goals.

In the new material of Radio Maximum, we tell you how to make your goals a reality. This is written by the Start Something platform!

What should be the financial goal so that you do not abandon it halfway, but achieve the desired result?

1. Make your goal specific
One of the reasons people fail to achieve their money goals is because they are too vague. Instead of “I want to upgrade my car someday”, detail exactly what car you want and when exactly you want to buy it.

2. Make your goal measurable
Let's imagine that your goal is to pay off debt. To make a goal measurable, you need to choose the exact amount you want to repay. Of course, the ultimate goal should be to be completely debt free, but to achieve this, it is better to break the global goal into smaller parts.

3. Give yourself a deadline
It is extremely easy to put off your goals if they are not time-bound. Stop saying you'll start someday: give yourself a realistic deadline and realize your goal by the deadline.

4. Make sure it's your goal
When we compare ourselves to other people, we're playing a game we'll never win. So make sure you set financial goals that make sense for you.

5. Write down your goal
Did you know that you will achieve your goals faster if you write them down? If you keep your goals in mind, you're more likely to stay motivated and stay on track.

6. Find someone to support you
To take your goals one step further, find someone to share your goal with. It can be a close friend or a whole community – anyone who can cheer you on and support your work towards achieving your goal.

We tell you how to set financial goals correctly in order to achieve them

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