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Dutch metal band Within Temptation shot a video in Kyiv – premiere soon

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On April 5, the Dutch metal band Within Temptation presents a joint song with musician Alex Yarmak called “A Fool's Parade”. The clip for the song was shot in Kyiv.

Within Temptation frontwoman Sharon den Adel came to Kyiv to shoot the video clip. This was announced by the band on Twitter.

The members of the band have repeatedly supported Ukraine at their concerts and during public performances. They called the trip an “unforgettable experience”.

We just finished shooting our music video for A Fool's Parade in Ukraine! Extremely grateful for this experience and the warm welcome to all the people who participated in it. You are all amazing and very inspiring to us. This trip is an experience we will never forget. Thank you, be strong, and see you soon! – writes Within Temptation.

The video was directed by Indy Hait, known for the works Massandra and “Cherkashchyna” for Latexfauna and “Whatsapp” and “Alone” for Dorofeeva. Filming took place in many famous locations: Zhovtnevyi Palace, KPI named after Igor Sikorskyi, the Batkivshchyna-Maty monument, etc.

It would be wrong to shoot a video for a song about Ukraine somewhere in my Motherland, where it is safe and carefree. I knew and understood from the very beginning that I had to come here, I had to see everything with my own eyes and show Kyiv as it is now in our video. It's important to us, and it's also important to the people here. I am also very happy that so many people, our supporters, responded to take part in the filming, it was a very warm meeting. I hope they didn't hate me after filming, because the scene was filmed directly in the swamp, – comments Sharon.

The press service notes that Sharon spent three full days in Kyiv and, together with the team of the All-Ukrainian Association of Musical Events, visited “the most important and the most symbolic places of Kyiv”.

It should be noted that earlier the band dedicated their song “Raise Your Banner” to the Ukrainian state. Also, in 2023, they raised funds for boats for the Ukrainian military in the Kherson direction.

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