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Watch 100 robots deliver Starbucks coffee in South Korea

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May29,2024

Watch 100 robots deliver Starbucks coffee in South Korea

Robots able to deliver coffee and food around the tower/frame from the video

Imagine a unique Starbucks, where about 100 robots serve customers' orders. It's happening for real, day in and day out, at Naver Tower 1784.

It's the world's largest robotics testbed and the headquarters of South Korean tech company Naver. Interesting Engineering writes about it.

The number 1784 indicates the plot number, address 178-4, as well as the year of the beginning of the first industrial revolution.

The tower is a testing ground for the company's achievements in robotics, artificial intelligence and cloud services, demonstrating Naver's commitment to turning ideas into real solutions.

According to Naver, 1784 is reshaping the way we live and work and claims that “advanced technologies are embedded in the building to provide better working conditions, bringing us one step closer to the future,” according to the firm's website.

Smart robots in action at Naver's Starbucks

Opening in 2022 in Seongnam, South Korea, the Naver 1784 Tower is an example of the tech giant's “technology convergence building” concept.

Naver's autonomous service robot, Rookie, serves as a carrier for Starbucks and other services in a 36-story building on the southern outskirts of Seoul. >

On a typical day, approximately 100 Rookie service bots roam all floors of NAVER 1784 delivering packages, coffee and lunch boxes.

100 robots deliver coffee: watch the video

Rookie is a cloud drone,a technology promoted by Naver for a series of service bots. Such robots run on a platform called AI, Robot, and Cloud (ARC), an intelligent multi-robot system based on Naver Cloud and a 5G network.

Rookie on wheels has a food storage compartment, drinks or other items that can be transported to the desired location. Rookie is compatible with Naver Roboport, a special elevator robot that makes access to different floors possible and faster.

Rookie's tasks are assisted by Ambidex, a two-armed robot with innovative power transmission mechanisms that ensure safe interaction with people in Starbucks. Designed for precision and speed, it can also handle heavy-duty tasks thanks to its unique cable-driven structure.

It's amazing that so many robots are continuously providing services in such a huge space. At 1784, daily maintenance becomes daily testing, and daily problems become the next day's updates,
says a post on the company's website.

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