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PlayStation Plus subscription will again be paid for some Ukrainians: what needs to be done

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May29,2024

PlayStation Plus subscription will again be paid for some Ukrainians: what needs to be done

PlayStation Plus will again be paid for Ukrainians from June/frimufilms

Please note that some Ukrainians have started receiving messages about paying for a PlayStation Plus subscription. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we have been able to play without paying for cloud gaming.

Some users who had a subscription to PlayStation Plus received a message in their email inbox. It warned that the fee for the service would be withdrawn from June. Please note that other users received similar letters earlier, but funds were not withdrawn from them. However, it is not known for certain whether this will continue.

What gamers need to do

Therefore, it is extremely important to do a few things:

  • If the subscription is everything to you is still needed, then check whether the payment methods are current in the account. Is there a card that has already expired?
  • If you are no longer interested in the subscription or have forgotten about it, please remove the payment methods or cancel the subscription. This will help you avoid unnecessary unexpected expenses.

PlayStation Subscription Plus will again become paid for some Ukrainians: what needs to be done

For comparison, all previous months users received a message that the subscription was extended for 30 days. And that users do not have to pay anything, because the company itself paid off this opportunity for them with the help of vouchers.

PlayStation Plus subscription will again be paid for some Ukrainians: what to do

Which games will be available for free in June

SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake (PS4, PS5)

It is a 3D platformer based on the American animated comedy series SpongeBob SquarePants. In this game, the user controls SpongeBob, who travels through alternate realities called “Wish Worlds” to save his friends.

AEW Fight Forever (PS4, PS5)

< p>And this is a wrestling simulator. It is the first video game based on the American professional wrestling All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Note that AEW Fight Forever was released a year ago to mixed reviews from critics.

Streets of Rage 4 (PS4)

This free game is a fighting game in subgenre Beat 'em up. Streets of Rage 4 was released in 2020. The game continues the classic series of fighting games from the 90s that were released on SEGA. It has positive reviews, and in the first year this game sold 2.5 million copies.

Please note that the giveaway starts on June 4. Right now, you still have a few days left to pick up EA Sports FC 24, Ghostrunner 2, Tunic, and Destiny 2: Lightfall for free.

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