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Venom 3: Peter Parker would be in the film, but not Tom Holland's Spider-Man

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May26,2024

Here you go! a rumor that will question more than one… Indeed, it seems that Spider-Man is in the casting ofVenom 3, the last part of the trilogy dedicated to his famous enemy. However, it would not be in the form that we know well, rather than in the form we know well. namely that of Tom Holland's Peter Parker. Surprised? We'll explain what it's about below.

Venom 3: Peter Parker would be in the film, but not Tom Holland's Spider-Man. the poster for<em> Venom 3</em>?</h2>
<p>After the bitter failure of<em>Madame Web</em>, will Sony's Spider-Man Universe finally be able to meet the expectations of fans of the spider man with <strong>a <em>Venom 3</em> more successful than the previous two?</strong> <em>The Last Dance</em> is carried out by British screenwriter, actress and television producer Kelly Marcel, co-author of the script for<em>Let There be Carnage</em>. This will be his <strong>first project behind the camera.</strong> The film is ready for release ;seen on October 30, just before that of <em>Kraven the Hunter</em> in December. The calendar for the end of the year is busy. for Sony, but what about the <strong>main asset of their shared universe, Spider-Man?</strong></p>
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According to Cris Parker, of the 3C Films channel, Peter Parker is supposed to be appear in Venom 3. But not in the guise of Tom Holland, who has played him in the MCU for several years. According to the insider, it will be a version of the superhero only ten years old! If it turns out to be true, this curious choice risks not being unanimously accepted. with the public, who only dream of one thing: to see the spider-man confront the Symbiote in an epic fight. That the two characters cross paths without being able to fight is only of very relative interest for fans of the vigilante. So all that remains is to hope that Venom is next. the poster forSpider-Man 4!

Natasha Kumar

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