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DC: James Gunn reveals the writers of the future Green Lantern series

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May26,2024

Currently, James Gunn is working on the future film Superman: Legacy which will be the first feature film in the DCU. At the same time, there are also the TV series and after Peacemaker and Waller, it's the turn of Lanterns em>. The filmmaker who arrived à the co-presidency of DC Studios has just announced big news about this series.

DC: James Gunn unveils the writers of the future Green Lantern series

Gunn's DCU develops

This fall, the public will be able to discover the animated series Creature Commandos which will be broadcast on Max. This program will be the start of the DCU imagined by by James Gunn. DC Studios is developing different films and series which will be connected in this new franchise. We know that a new Superman film is on track and that the Peacemaker series will have the right to take part. a season 2with the arrival of the father of this cult character who was announced by the director of Guardians of the Galaxy.

DC: James Gunn reveals the writers of the future Green Lantern series

Let's also add another DC series announced by Gunn last year with Waller, a project carried out by Viola Davis who will reprise her role as Amanda Waller, the leader of The Suicide Squad after the events that took place in the series Peacemaker . Currently, showrunners Christal Henry and Jeremy Carver are working on the development of this next series.

We know James Gunn who loves sharing a lot of information on his social networks. Lately, he hadinitiated excitement among DC Comics fans by posting on his Instagram account the image of a Green Lantern's fist with his power ring activated.

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The post only included the photo without any caption, which soon became apparent. à get Internet users to react. The mystery hovered and many wondered if it could be a future project.

DC: James Gunn reveals the writers of the future Green Lantern series

The comeback of Green Lantern?

Some people thought that the publication of this enigmatic image could be a wink. ;he has the presence of Nathan Fillion as Guy Garder, one of the incarnations of Green Lantern in the film Superman: Legacy. But you should know that there is also a TV series which is under development. Entitled Lanterns, it will center on the Green Lanterns with the characters of Hal Jordan and John Stewart who will lead an investigation into a mystery which will have a strong influence on the main story of the DCU films and series.

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Today, James Gunn shared great news about this series by revealing the “talented screenwriters” team on his Instagram account. We thus learn that Chris Mundy (Orzak and Criminal Minds) and Damon Lindelof at agrave; who we owe the series Lost and Watchmen will be the showrunners of Lanterns. These two will be able to count on the advice of comic book writer Tom King. With such a trio, we can say that the Lanterns series is likely to be promising!

In the meantime, the release of Superman : Legacyis scheduled for July 9, 2025.

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