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US urges South Korea to tighten controls on chip exports to China

The US is negotiating with South Korea to impose restrictions on semiconductor technology and equipment exports to China similar to those already in place in the US. as part of an effort to hinder the development of China's semiconductor industry on national security grounds.

The US is asking South Korea to impose restrictions on the export of semiconductor technology to China, similar to those already imposed by the US. Bloomberg writes about it.


U.S. officials are proposing South Korea tighten restrictions on the flow of equipment and advanced semiconductor technology to China. This applies to the manufacture of high-quality logic chips and memory chips.

Export restrictions should be similar to those already imposed by the United States. Bloomberg writes that the move is part of Washington's efforts to prevent the development of China's semiconductor industry due to national security considerations. memory, known as DRAM, with a technological process of more than 18 nanometers. That would be consistent with a set of restrictions the US Commerce Department first announced in 2022, the article added.

American officials and the government of South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol discussed the issues in March. The US aims to reach a deal before the G7 summit in mid-June, but the Asian country is mulling the idea as China remains an important trading partner.


Sooner than that The U.S. has already urged its allies, including the Netherlands, Germany, South Korea and Japan, to further boost exports of semiconductor equipment, parts and chip-making chemicals to China.

However, that schedule could be disrupted as officials from South Korea, Japan and the US are set to meet in late June to discuss cooperation in advanced technology and supply chains.

China says the restrictions create additional barriers to trade and more uncertainty in the chip manufacturing industry.< /p>

South Korea is concerned about potential sanctions China could impose in response to export controls, as several technology companies, including Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, still operate in China, Seoul's biggest trading partner.

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