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Umbrella Academy Season 4: stop everything, the first trailer is here

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May30,2024

Highly anticipated after a season 3 far from being unanimously acclaimed, theseason 4ofUmbrella Academy is approaching big steps, since it will be released on August 8, 2024 on Netflix. On Wednesday night at On Thursday, it was revealed to the public. through a very promising first trailer.

Umbrella Academy Season 4: stop everything, the first trailer is here

a flagship Netflix series will end

It will have passed almost two years between seasons 3 and 4 of The Umbrella Academy. This fourth season will be the last of the Netflix seriesand will have to conclude the adventures of Viktor (Elliot Page) and the rest of the Hargreeves family, while emancipating itself from the original material: the comics. Speaking of comics, an unexpected prequel to the Netflix series has been released announced for this year. But 2024 will especially mark the end of the Umbrella Academy series, and the first trailer for 4 has just been released.

Umbrella Academy Season 4: stop everything, the first trailer is here

first trailer for season 4 of umbrella academy

It was a few hours ago at sentence: as announced; Earlier this week, Netflix released the teaser trailer for season 4of Umbrella Academy. Brotherhood, humor, action, emotions and Crazy scenes come together and announce the tone that this final season should adopt. An instrumental version of the titleThe Final Countdown of the groupEurope is all that was missing to make this first trailer (the original teaser presented by the cast does not count) an epic video. This first trailer for season 4 of Umbrella Academy also confirms the release date on Netflix, set for August 8. strong>

As a reminder,the final season of Umbrella Academy will be the shortest, with only 6 episodes to go. get your teeth into it.If you have hibernated this Wednesday, know that a first trailer has also been released. put online for Vaiana 2, in theaters on November 27. And there again, it looks extremely promising!

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