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Dancing with the stars: TF1 suspends this project with Inès Reg, those around her react

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May30,2024

Here you go! already more than a month since the finale ofDancing with the Starson TF1. However, the sanctions linked to the clash between Natasha St-Pier and Inès Reg, born behind the scenes of the show last March, continue to fall one by one. a. The French channel has thus suspended one of its future projects with the comedian, a decision discreetly commented on by those around him.

Dancing with the stars: TF1 suspends this project with Inès Reg, those around him react

the filming of this TV film on school bullying suspended

At the start of the year, Internet users became passionate about the Inès Reg/Natasha St-Pier affair. The clashwas born; when the Canadian singer insulted; of “little bitch” her rival, with humor according to her. Subsequently, their argument degenerated, with Natasha St-Pier having  deposited a handrail, declaring to have been threatened with death by her younger sister. Their altercation took on such proportions that TF1, which produces and broadcasts the show, considered putting them both on air. the door. It seems that the channel took this drastic decision a little late, since it has just suspended the filming of a TV film with Inès Reg! Supposed to be titledTeen but not too much, this project dealing with the issue of school bullying would soon be put on hold, between June 12 and July 9, at the end of June. Reims.

Dancing with the stars: TF1 suspends this project with Inès Reg, those around him react

This subject, dear to me the comedian, who revealed à on multiple occasions having suffered harassment in the past, and therefore“suspended to date” according to the production. A member of the The team had spilled the beans to the newspaper l'Union a few hours before the official announcement from TF1. No explanation has been given. given by the channel, but our colleagues from the newspaper Le Parisien collected (rather vague) confidences from Inès Reg's entourage. According to those close to him, the filming is “postponed em>” for “calendar incompatibility“. Our colleagues from Le Parisien add that there “remains a major unknown: the young 31-year-old actress, who left to rest after the finale of Dancing with the Stars on April 26, would be unreachable for the moment. Still motivated by this project which seemed to be close to her heart and which is planned to be broadcast in 2025 on the front page? contradictory', we make it known laconically to the interested party.”

On a lighter subject, we leave you with the top 20 funniest reactions to episode 15 of Koh-Lanta The Immunity Hunters, the cult show from TF1.

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