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Ulyana Shuba presented the new song “White Crosses” – listen on YouTube

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr8,2024

Ulyana Shuba presented the new song < /p> Ulyana Shuba/YouTube

Young Ukrainian singer Ulyana Shuba presented the new spring track “White Crosses”. She shot a video of the same name for him.

White crosses are a symbol of relationships that have survived. The girl says goodbye to them in order to say “yes” to a new life, a new love and breathe in the spring air to the fullest.

In the new track, Ulyana raises the difficult issue of unhappy love and abusive relationships, but does it with ease inherent to herself.

The singer addresses every girl with her song and urges not to be afraid of change, because change is for the better.

When love was just beginning, sneakers were a gift the boy to the girl I sing about were white. However, during this difficult relationship, they became black, because they accumulated a lot of negative emotions and memories. And this was a signal – it was time to put an end to it. Throwing away cross-ties is also a symbol of a desire for change, readiness to meet new things and live a better version of one's life, says Ulyana Shuba. According to the performer, the song “White cross-ties” is about how a girl gets out of ab 'usive relations. The symbol of which was the white sneakers she sings about. When a girl pulls herself together and decides to move on, she throws them away as a memory of past love.

Natasha Kumar

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