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Sowing calendar for onions in 2024: tips for when to plant this year

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr8,2024

2024 Onion Sowing Calendar: Tips for When to Plant This Year

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Successful cultivation of onions largely depends on the right planting time. Correctly chosen dates allow you to create optimal conditions for the growth and development of plants, which in turn guarantees a good harvest.

However, given the changes in climate and weather conditions every year, it is important to know exactly when to plant onions in 2024. In this material, we will consider the optimal time for planting onions this season, taking into account the best dates according to the lunar calendar and the recommendations of agricultural experts.

Sowing calendar for onions

  • When to plant onions in spring
  • Green onions when to plant
  • What to plant next to onions
  • Onion seedlings
  • Leek seedlings
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    When to plant onions in spring

    Onions can withstand light frosts down to -5 degrees Celsius. But for the best result, it is recommended to plant it when the soil temperature reaches +12 degrees at a depth of 10 centimeters. In the spring of 2024, the most successful days for planting onions will be: April 1, 2, 21-23, 25, 28-30.

    Seedlings planted in these periods have a high probability of taking root and will give a generous harvest. In addition to onions, these days you can plant other vegetables for seedlings, and in the flower bed – both annual and perennial flowers.

    At this time, garden and garden work also includes grafting and pruning trees, feeding and whitening them, loosening and fertilizing the soil for the future harvest, as well as sowing the first plants.

    Before planting onions, make sure the soil is already sufficiently warm.

    • Avoid planting onions in wet soil, as this can lead to rotting.
    • Choose places for planting where there is enough sunlight and wind protection.
    • Check the weather forecast regularly to avoid planting before possible frosts.
    • Remember that the ideal time to plant may vary depending on the climatic conditions of your region Take your time, because early planting does not always guarantee early and fruitful fruits.

    2024 Onion Sowing Calendar: Tips for When to Plant This Year

    Green onions when to plant

    Growing green onions at home will not only provide you with fresh greens for salads but can also become a source of additional income. This process is so simple that anyone can handle it.

    Even city dwellers available cultivation methods, for example in bags. Below we will consider the main agrotechnical aspects of this process step by step.

    Growing green onions in the garden

    • To obtain early green onions in the garden, it is recommended to plant them in March-April, when the soil has already warmed up.
    • Although onions are relatively cold-resistant and can germinate at a temperature of 2 °C, the optimal temperature for active growth it is considered to be within 15-20 °C.
    • Choose bulbs up to 4 centimeters in diameter and soak them for a day in warm water with a manganese solution or growth stimulant.
    • Cut the tops of the bulbs to speed up growth.
    • Plant the bulbs close to each other or in rows every 2-3 centimeters. Active growth of greens will begin in about 3 weeks.

    Growing green onions at home is a simple and pleasant process that will not only provide you with fresh greens, but also bring satisfaction from the results of your work.


    Growing green onions at home

    Green onions can be grown at home even on the windowsill or balcony, not only providing your table with fresh greens, but also using space at home sparingly. For this, you can use containers or even bags, which will make the growing process even more affordable.

    Growing green onions in bags or bags

    < p>One of the cheapest and easiest ways to grow green onions is to use bags or bags. Here are a few steps to help you through the process:

    • Prepare a bag or package. Pour 2 centimeters of pressed sawdust or soaked toilet paper in the bottom of the bag or bag.
    • Prepare the bulbs. Place the bulbs on the surface of sawdust or paper, ensuring contact with the moisture of the environment.
    • Create optimal conditions. Inflate the bag with air and tie it tightly. Place it in a dark place for a few days so that the bulbs can take root.
    • Put on the light. After that, transfer the bags to a windowsill or a lighted shelf on the balcony. Ensure that the sawdust or paper is constantly moistened.

    This method will ensure constant access to fresh green onions without much effort and expense.

    Sowing calendar for onions in 2024: tips for when to plant this year

    What to plant near onions

    < p>Onions, like garlic, are known for their smell, which repels pests and fights fungal diseases. Sharing a bed with onions is beneficial not only for the onion itself, but also for the neighboring vegetables, which can lead to a threefold increase in yield.

    The best partners for onions:

    • Carrots and beets. These vegetables not only protect each other from pests and diseases, but also significantly increase yields when grown side by side.
    • Strawberries and strawberries. It is a successful partnership that helps both crops to protect themselves from diseases and pests, and also increases their yield.
    • Dill and leafy greens. Onions go well with dill and various types of leafy salads, promoting mutual growth.
    • Radish and radish. The presence of onions next to radish repels harmful insects and improves the taste of the vegetable.
    • Cucumbers.Onions, growing next to cucumbers, help protect them from diseases and ensure maximum yield.
    • Thyme and chamomile. These herbs help increase the yield of onions and protect them from pests.

    Onion seedlings

    Starting in mid-March, many gardeners start planting onions. Bulbs are planted in grooves to a depth of about 5 centimeters, leaving a distance of about 20 centimeters between rows.

    To provide optimal conditions for growth, it is recommended to sprinkle the grooves with ash in the case of acidic soil or sand if the soil is heavy and nutritious.

    When planting bulbs, they are placed vertically at a distance of about 10 centimeters from each other and are easily pressed into the soil . After closing the rows, the soil layer above the seed remains approximately 2 centimeters, and it does not need to be compacted.

    Onions appear within a week – twoaccording to the air temperature, and the rate of germination depends on how warm it is outside.

    Leek seedlings

    Leek, although a biennial plant, is often grown as an annual crop. It has thickened leaf bases that give the impression of a stem, and is used for food. This plant is known for its cold resistance, but winters in Ukraine are usually too harsh for it. Vegetation periods are quite long, especially for early varieties, which take from 150 to 180 days.

    Therefore, leek fans it has to be grown through seedlings. However, there is a small selection of varieties of this plant on the market, usually the seed packets contain a simple label “leek”, which can mean one of the popular varieties such as Columbus or Porbella. However, the differences between them are big.

    2024 onion sowing calendar: tips , when to plant this year

    When preparing the soil for seedlings, it is important to ensure its drainage, because leeks do not tolerate stagnant water. The best option is to use ready-made substrates that are light, nutritious and free from pathogenic microflora, pests and weeds.

    Leek sowing is recommended 45-60 days before planting in soil that in the middle of March in the north of Ukraine. Seeds are sown in shallow boxes or containers with a layer of soil 3-5 centimeters deep, to a depth of 0.5-0.7 centimeters. After the appearance of 1-2 true leaves, the plants are dived, choosing the strongest seedlings, and planted in open ground.

    It is important to avoid acidic soils or substrates, because leeks are highly sensitive to them. . After the seedling has germinated, it needs to be fed with a complex fertilizer and placed in a greenhouse or an unheated greenhouse for hardening. Fertilizers with trace elements and a high nitrogen content are excellent for additional nutrition.

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