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Ukrposhta will sell through Prozorro parcels that have not been picked up in six months

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May13,2024

>> Ukrposhta will sell parcels

The “Ukrposhta” company recently shocked the news. Now they will sell at Prozzoro.Sale auctions parcels that were not picked up by recipients and were in warehouses for more than six months.

This was reported on the website of Ukrposhta on Friday, May 10.

This was announced on the Ukrposhta website on Friday, May 10.


As noted, in this way Ukrposhta implements international practices regarding the handling of postal items that have not been claimed for half a year. Prozorro.Sales”. A similar approach is common among international postal operators and logistics companies, such as Amazon, USPS, FedEx, Royal Mail and many others, Ukrposhta noted.

How will such auctions from Ukrposhty?

1. “Ukrposhta” sends mail items that have not been picked up by the recipient within two weeks back to the sender.

2. If he does not pick up the parcel in another 2 weeks, it is taken to a specially equipped warehouse, where it is stored for six months. During this period, both the recipient and the sender have the right to receive the parcel upon application.

3. If for some reason they did not do this, then from now on the parcel can be sold at auction. In this way, “Ukrposhta” will be able to compensate for the costs of logistics and storage of postal items.

The starting price for each such parcel is UAH 10. The parcels are combined into pallets containing up to 100 units and are sold as one lot. Lots will be randomly generated and all parcels will be sold unpackaged with address information removed. To prevent corruption, Ukrposhta employees will not be allowed to participate in auctions.

At auctions, the company will sell only group lots. Therefore, if you are offered to purchase one parcel, this is a sign of fraudulent actions, – noted in Ukrposhta.

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