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The members of the Tember Blanche duet got married: touching photos of the new family

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May13,2024

>> Members of Tember Blanche got married/photo from Tember Blanche's Instagram

On Thursday, May 9, Oleksandra and Vladyslav, famous musicians of the Ukrainian duo Tember Blanche, decided to immortalize their love and got married. Their fans were moved by this no joke.

This couple, who became famous with the hit “Vechornytsia”, presented themselves and their fans with an unforgettable wedding, which took place in a chamber format and had a good purpose – the support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, writes Showbiz24.

They met on the streets of Kyiv, where Vlad was playing the guitar, and quickly realized that music unites them not only on stage, but also in life. The joint performance of songs led to the creation of the band Tember Blanche, whose name symbolizes the month when their love began, as well as their favorite beer.

Members of the Tember Blanche duet got married: touching photos of the new family

The couple's wedding took place in a unique atmosphere: favorite songs, carpets and lanterns. Pavlo Gots, soloist of the band NAZVA, was the presenter of the celebration, who announced Oleksandra and Vladyslav as husband and wife.

Members of the duet Tember Blanche got married: touching photos of the new family

However, this event was not only a celebration of love, but also a great opportunity to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On the eve of Oleksandr's and Vladyslav's wedding, they announced a “Wedding Collection”, the collected funds of which were transferred to the needs of the PPO.

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For Tember Blanche, this wedding was another step in the development of their artistic career, which began with a small street game on the guitar and grew into a popular musical duo. Thanks to the hit “Vechornytsia” and cooperation with the Kalush band, Tember Blanche received recognition, and later they also became finalists of the National Selection for Eurovision 2023.

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