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Transition to summer time in 2024 in Ukraine: how to prepare for changing the clock

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar30,2024

Transition to summer time 2024 in Ukraine: how to prepare for changing the clock

transition to summer time in Ukraine

The transition to summer time 2024 will take place soon, so you should prepare for it. Read on and find out what you need to do before changing the clocks.

DST has been going on in Ukraine since 1981. However, there are discussions about whether it is needed at all. So when will we move the hands of the clock this year, and most importantly, how will this affect our already vulnerable bodies? We will tell you more about the risks and safeguards.

The transition to summer time in Ukraine traditionally takes place on the last Sunday of March. On the night from March 30 to March 31 at 3 a.m., the clock hand must be moved forward one hour. Note that it is not necessary to do this at night. The main thing is that on March 31 you are not too surprised if you do not make it somewhere.

Changing the clocks was initiated as a social phenomenon, designed to reduce the use of energy reserves through the rational use of natural light. Daylight saving time in many countries is called “daylight saving time” (DST). However, every year the degree of tension in society regarding the expediency of such temporary upheavals is gaining momentum. Scientists from the field of energy one by one debunk the myth of the social importance of this process, and doctors state the negative impact on human health.

Transition to summer time in 2024 in Ukraine: how to prepare for changing the clock

For most people, the transition to winter time is not so vulnerable and tangible, because afterwards we sleep one hour longer. With the transition to summer time – one hour less, which significantly affects well-being and life dynamics. Other factors include a lack of vitamins and minerals, a weak immune system, a decrease in the body's protective reactions, and constant fatigue. According to the data of the Health Protection Organization, in the first days of changing the clocks, the number of calls to doctors increases rapidly. Various things worry: from exacerbations of cardiovascular diseases to depressive moods. A number of studies state another alarming dynamic: an increase in the number of road accidents and suicides.

How to prevent the undesirable consequences of the transition to daylight saving time?

First of all, you should realize that the transition to summer time is a powerful stress for the body. Especially, in conditions of quarantine and self-isolation. Changing the biorhythm of life will require a certain algorithm of actions from you to prevent unwanted symptoms or at least minimize them. By systematically following these simple tips, you will prudently help the body prepare for a new biorhythm:

1. A few days before the change of hands, go to bed earlier than usual.

This rule seems to be known to everyone, but it is remembered only when the clock hand is already traveling to summer time. Therefore, proper efficiency should not be expected. You can prepare in advance for another mode only by taking care of it in advance.

Transition to summer time 2024 in Ukraine: how to prepare for changing the clock

2. Avoid stressful situations.

In the first days of the transition to summer time, take care of your psychological health: limit communication with toxic people, postpone (if possible) making important decisions. If you tend to get depressed due to lack of sleep, don't get behind the wheel at least for the first few days.

3. Balanced diet and sufficient amount of water.

In the conditions of quarantine, it is risky to afford hiking. That is why it is time to work on your own diet. Make sure that your breakfasts are as nutritious as possible – with a sufficient content of all useful substances. A balanced breakfast will help the body to adapt to the new daily regime faster. Gradually add fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet by thoroughly washing and scalding them. Of course, don't forget about moisturizing from the inside. The daily rate of water optimizes all body processes. Your skin will be the first to notice the result.

4. Consultation with a doctor.

If you have chronic diseases, a preliminary consultation with a doctor will determine the algorithm of your actions. Specialists tend to state the risk of aggravation of all chronic ailments after a change in biorhythm. Do not wait for the condition to worsen, but go ahead. It will not be superfluous to consult with a specialist regarding the use of vitamin complexes and dietary supplements. In the spring, it is extremely important to strengthen your health, especially now. However, we definitely do not recommend ignoring the warning that self-medication can be harmful.

Go for summer time 2024 in Ukraine: how to prepare for changing the clock

5. Something that makes you smile.

In the first days of daylight saving time, allow yourself to do what you love.

Read books, watch movies and series, look at photos , which make you smile and cry a little – from happiness, of course. All this will help curb the inevitable drowsiness and irritability. Do not forget about thorough ventilation of the bedroom and no gadgets before going to bed. The news feed will definitely wait for you until tomorrow, but a sound sleep is unlikely.

Radio Maximum team wishes you good health, restful sleep and happy dreams. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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