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Totalitarian China is conducting political espionage against the Netherlands and its allies – MIVD

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr19,2024

Totalitarian China conducts political espionage against the Netherlands and its allies, – MIVD

Chinese spies targeted the semiconductor, aerospace and maritime industries of the Netherlands in an attempt to strengthen China's armed forces.

This is stated in the annual report of the Dutch military intelligence MIVD, published on Thursday, reports Reuters.

According to the agency, China is investing heavily in collecting Western knowledge and technical capabilities as part of its political espionage against the Netherlands and its allies.

As MIVD notes, China wants to be independent of Western knowledge and technology and wants to build an army , which can be compared with other armed forces.

“To do this, he needs advanced technologies, which he does not yet fully possess. It is trying to obtain them abroad using legal means such as research and investment, as well as through its intelligence services,” – the report states.

MIVD also indicates that the PRC continues to spy on Western militaries due to their knowledge of advanced weapons systems and operational experience, as well as advanced industries.

The agency said that over the past year, Chinese intelligence agencies have expanded the scope, intensity and technical level of their cyber campaigns.

In addition, the report notes, Chinese universities also play an important role in intelligence gathering, since scientists collaborating with Western companies often also work for Chinese security services and state-owned companies.

Dutch intelligence agencies have publicly accused Beijing for the first time in cyber espionage in February, when it said Chinese-backed cyber spies gained access to its military network last year.

The United States previously asked allies to impose more restrictions on the maintenance of chip manufacturing equipment in China, seeking further thwart Beijing's ambitions to create advanced semiconductors.

At the same time, the Dutch government began refusing to license ASML, a major equipment supplier to computer chip makers, to export many of its products to China under pressure USA.

Before this, the Dutch government announced new rules to limit the export of certain advanced semiconductor equipment.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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