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Georgian police officer is afraid of “becoming Ukrainian”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr19,2024

Georgian schoolchild is afraid of "becoming a Ukrainian"

The main purpose of the scandalous law on foreign agents in Georgia is to “prevent Ukraine”.

Prime Minister of the region Irakli Kobakhidze reported this, miscevyi movnik 1tv.

< p>“Bill “About the insight of the current influx” immediately before directing the defense of Georgia from Ukraine – valuing the sovereignty of Georgia and ensuring the stable development of the region, which is necessary for the integration of Georgia into the European Union”, – declaring the victory.

Kobakhidze confirms that non-state organizations (NDO) wanted to organize a revolution in the region, ending the European mayhem.

“Yakby NDO achieved what they were actively trying to earn money in 2020-2022, and if the revolution had changed hands, then today Georgia would have a worse situation than Ukraine, which means that both peace and European integration would be lost ulomu”, – said the Prime Minister of Georgia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has already responded to such statements, there were comments from the Georgian Prime Minister.

“In our name ї edges of such an unimportant the context gives additional harm to the Ukrainian-Georgian wines. Russification, not mythical “Ukrainization” is a real threat to Georgia. Ukraine is attached to the peaceful and friendly atmosphere of Georgia, has always strongly supported and continues to support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia within its international boundaries them cordons”, – I get at the gydomalenni.

of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, they jammed all the guns to the guns to the right to the smoother of the peaceful protest of the Sukati Virichnya gate a constructive dialogo.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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