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Top 15 funniest tweets of the week #465

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May27,2024

As the month of May slowly but surely approaches, At the end, a look back at a week full of tweets with this 465th edition of the top 15 funniest tweets of the week. On the menu: Twitter or X, the ascent of Everest by Inoxtag but also Mother's Day. Once again, our community managers had to explore the meanders from X to; looking for the best of the best tweets published last week on find it just below, don't hesitate to check it out! Tell us your favorite of the lot via the comment section dedicated to this effect.

Top 15 funniest tweets of the week #465

#1 Twitter

I will never stop saying twitter

May 19, 2024

#2 wario time

Ptdrrr it’s wario

May 20 , 2024

#3 crook on legs

On Fortnite I did the same thing when I was the last survivor of the squad mdrrrr: jumps to the sky. every step, I took the information everywhere in Iniesta mode, constructions which serve to nothing etc

May 20, 2024

#4 he is tempted

don't heat me out of pity; I am 43 years old with debts and mouths to spare. feed

May 20, 2024

#5 chicha passe, cha va

So my perfume of more than 100 mL doesn't work but a hookah goes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

May 20, 2024

#6 thank you nepal

FLASH – Inoxtag wanted to come down from Everest on the back of the Yeti. Unfortunately, #Nepal has banned this practice since 2013 because the species is protected.

May 22, 2024

#7 deserves

Yesterday with my fiancée we made a cake that we ate afterwards. in a sheet cabin that we made in our living room and you think I'm not going to marry him???

May 22, 2024

#8 logic

It’s dead the Wii Sport vinyl remains during sex

May 23, 2024

#9 it's definitely a Gérard Darmon doll

We agree that it's a Gérard Darmon doll???!

May 25, 2024

#10 sacred piaf

I recognize a narcissistic pervert who is waiting for you to restrain him

May 25, 2024

#11 Interested?


May 25, 2024

#12 yes.

A SIM card https://t. co/2VVCbwoRm3

May 25, 2024

#13 loan

You’re level 5 in GTA ONLINE but you’s your friend level 500 coming along if there is heja

May 25, 2024

#14 sad but true

His baldness looks like the display bug that was there on play 3 lol https ://

May 26, 2024

#15 dream gift

A little reminder that it's Mother's Day and that a royal guava passion puff only costs 10 euros; , we only have one mom so think about it

May 26, 2024

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