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Mother's Day: after this awkward message, Deliveroo apologizes

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May27,2024

Standing out from the competition is good, avoiding bad buzz is better! Yet this is what happened;  Deliveroo, whose communication operation linked to Mother's Day ended in failure. on social networks, the delivery service at home. home apologized publicly.

Mother's Day: after this awkward message, Deliveroo apologizes

this awkward Mother's Day message from Deliveroo

After their April Fool's joke which turned out to be… to the bad buzz in 2021, Deliveroo is back at it again. This Sunday, May 26, à the occasion of the Mother's Day, consumers having downloaded Deliveroo on their mobile phone received a notification around 11 a.m. On it, we could read “Missed call from Mom. False alarm, this is an exercise! Take advantage of this simulation to wish your mother a happy birthday“.

Mother's Day: after this awkward message, Deliveroo apologizes

An original idea on the part of the cooked meal delivery company which unfortunately did not have the desired effect. It must be said that this message having been automatically sent, it appeared on the smartphones of people who had lost their mothers. Surprised and hurtby this lack of delicacy on the part of the company, some Internet users complained on social networks.

One day already very sad, but receiving this @Deliveroo notification was not obligatory. Thinking about everyone who has lost their mothers, we are together.

May 26, 2024

The notification « missed call from MOM » that Deliveroo has just sent to you. all users for Mother's Day…

You really don't know that people have lost their mothers

May 26, 2024

Hello @Deliveroo after the pizza episode tuna for April 1st, thank you for this message which reminds people who no longer have a mother that they obviously cannot call her. Better and better your intelligence and yes definitely we uninstall your application

May 26, 2024

Continued; this bad buzz, Deliveroo communicated a public apology through BFMTV: “We regret sending this notification, it was a mistake on our part andwe apologize to everyone who message may have hurt“.

And you, what do you think?

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