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TOP 10 best smartphones with a large screen: ranking in 2024

In the modern world, the smartphone has become an integral part of our everyday life. It not only helps us stay in touch with the world, but has also become a universal tool for work, entertainment and creativity. One of the key factors determining the usability of a smartphone is its screen. A large screen provides comfortable viewing of content, convenient interaction with applications and increases productivity when working with the device.

In 2024, the mobile device market offers a wide selection of smartphones with large screens that differ in both technical characteristics and design . In our review, we focus on the TOP 10 best smartphones with a large screen that deserve your attention in 2024.

When we choose a smartphone, we pay attention not only to its screen, but also to other important characteristics, such as performance, cameras, battery life and price. Therefore, in our ranking, we will take all these aspects into account to give you a complete picture of the best smartphones with a large screen.

We will look at each smartphone in detail, describing its technical characteristics, camera capabilities, design features and ease of use. We'll also discuss the latest innovations and technological advancements being incorporated into these devices and how they impact the user experience.

1. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 12/256 GB attracts attention with its impressive design, which is the embodiment of innovation in the world of smartphones. This flagship device has powerful technical characteristics and a variety of functionalities that allow users to enjoy an unparalleled user experience.

The heart of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 platform with an impressive clock frequency of 3390 MHz and eight cores. This combination, combined with the Adreno 750 video processor, provides the highest performance even during the most resource-intensive tasks. An impressive result in the AnTuTu benchmark, where the smartphone scored 1814869 points, confirms its ability to cope with any tasks at the highest level. In addition, 256 GB of built-in memory and 12 GB of RAM are on board, which provides not only a large reserve for data storage, but also smooth and fast operation of applications and the system as a whole.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra's Android 14 operating system keeps software up-to-date and access to the latest features and apps, allowing users to stay one step ahead.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra's screen impresses at first glance with its 6.8 -inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, which provides stunning colors, clarity and high resolution, immersing the user in the world of the highest quality images.

In the field of photography, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is also a leader. With its powerful camera array, including a 200+12+50+10MP main camera and a 12MP front camera, users can capture great shots in any conditions.

5000mAh battery provides a long battery life without the need for frequent charging, which is an invaluable advantage for users who actively use their smartphones throughout the day.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 12/256 GB – it's not just a smartphone, it's a true flagship that sets new standards in the world of mobile technology and offers the user an unparalleled user experience.

2. HUAWEI Mate X3

HUAWEI Mate X3 12/512 GB is an innovative product from a major player in the mobile device market – HUAWEI company. This smartphone draws attention with its flexible screen and outstanding technical characteristics, making it one of the most exciting offers on the market.

The basis of the device is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, made according to the modern 4-nanometer technological process. This chipset provides high performance thanks to eight cores, including a high-performance Cortex-X2 core and energy-efficient Cortex-A510 cores. With a clock frequency of 3200 MHz and a volume of built-in memory of 512 GB, as well as 12 GB of RAM, Mate X3 is ready to solve the most difficult tasks. In the AnTuTu benchmark, this smartphone scores an impressive 955,000 points, which indicates its high performance.

The flexible OLED display with a diagonal of 7.65 inches and a resolution of 2520×1080 pixels attracts the main attention. This screen has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a high level of brightness, which guarantees excellent image quality. In addition, the device is equipped with an external 6.4-inch display with similar characteristics and the AlwaysOn Display function.

In the field of photography and videography, HUAWEI Mate X3 offers wide possibilities thanks to the main camera with three sensors of different resolutions, which allows you to take high-quality and bright pictures in any conditions.

The battery with a capacity of 4800 mAh provides a long time autonomous operation, and support for wireless and reversible charging makes using the smartphone even more convenient.

Thanks to protection according to the IPX8 standard and strong case materials, such as tempered glass and an aluminum frame, the Mate X3 guarantees reliability and durability in use.< /p>

Overall, the HUAWEI Mate X3 12/512 GB is an advanced solution for those who value innovation and high technical characteristics in the world of mobile devices.

3. Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Pro iPhone 15 Pro Max 8/256 GB – it's not just a smartphone, it's the pinnacle of Apple's engineering and design thinking embodied in the latest generation of their flagship devices. This smartphone has become a real benchmark in the mobile technology industry, bringing together all the most advanced that modern technology can offer.

The Apple A17 Pro processor, working together with 8 GB of RAM, provides outstanding performance and speed. AnTuTu test results speak for themselves – The iPhone 15 Pro Max scored an impressive 1,641,883 points, confirming its incredible power and speed. A large amount of built-in memory – 256 GB – provides plenty of storage space for data, photos and applications.

The iOS 17 operating system on board the device brings many improvements and innovations, making the interface even more intuitive and user-friendly.

Thanks to the 6.7-inch screen with a resolution of 2796×1290 pixels based on OLED technology, images on the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a bright and clear look, with vivid colors even in bright light.

The photographic capabilities of this phone are impressive: the main camera with a triple lens of 48+12+12 MP and a front camera with 12 MP allows you to create high-quality photos and videos in any conditions.

The 4442 mAh battery provides long battery life, and the IP68 protection provides reliable protection against water and dust, making iPhone 15 Pro Max a reliable companion in everyday life.

4. Tecno Phantom X2 5G

Tecno Phantom X2 5G deservedly occupies one of the leading positions among smartphones in the middle segment of the market. The manufacturer focused on the high performance of the device, its stylish design and affordable price.

One of the main advantages of this gadget is its impressive 6.8-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2400×1080 pixels. This screen supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz, ensuring a smooth and high-quality display of content. The maximum brightness level of the screen is 700 cd/m2, which guarantees a clear image even in bright sunlight.

Inside the Tecno Phantom X2 5G is a powerful MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor, operating at a frequency of 3050 MHz and equipped with eight cores. This processor provides high performance and allows you to run graphically intensive applications without any lag. Thanks to 256 GB of built-in memory and 8 GB of RAM, the user can enjoy fast operation of applications and instant access to data.

The phone supports all major navigation systems, as well as 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and 5G, providing high data transfer speeds. The presence of wireless interfaces Bluetooth 5.3, NFC and Wi-Fi 802.11ax completes the list of smartphone capabilities.

The Tecno Phantom X2 5G camera consists of three rear sensors: a 64MP main camera, a 13MP ultra-wide lens and a 2MP background blur sensor. The 32-megapixel front camera takes high-quality pictures that are ideal for selfies.

The battery capacity is 5160 mAh, providing a long battery life. Fast charging allows you to quickly recharge your device in a short time, making the Tecno Phantom X2 5G a great choice for those who value performance and long battery life.


TECNO POVA 5, the new smartphone from TECNO, impresses with its technical stuffing, starting with the MediaTek Helio G99 processor. This octa-core chip is powered by two Cortex-A76 cores clocked at up to 2,200 MHz and six Cortex-A55 cores clocked at 2,000 MHz. It is interesting to note that the processor is made according to the 6-nm process, which has a positive effect on its performance. The chip is accompanied by a Mali-G57 MP2 video processor, which significantly improves graphics processing. AnTuTu test results are impressive – 375000 points, and throttling does not exceed 10%.

The TECNO POVA 5 screen deserves special attention. Its 6.8-inch IPS matrix with a resolution of 2460×1080 pixels and a refresh rate of 120 Hz provides a clear and smooth image. Modern mobile games and videos will look great on this screen thanks to the brightness of 600 cd/m2.

As for memory, the user is offered 128 GB of built-in memory and 8 GB of LPDDR4X RAM, which provides sufficient space for storing files and applications. recharging, allowing you to use the device for up to 2 days in average mode. The technology of fast and reversible charging ensures fast recovery of the charge, taking only about 1 hour.

According to communication standards, TECNO POVA 5 supports 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. In terms of wireless interfaces, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and Wi-Fi 802.11ac are provided, as well as a 3.5 mm Mini jack port for classic headphones.

Cameras in 50 and 0.3 MP of the main module and 8 MP for the front camera offers decent picture quality, especially in the daytime, producing pleasant shots with good color transfer and sharpness.

6. Realme GT3

Realme, the famous brand, continues to delight users with advanced technologies, presenting its new flagship smartphone GT3, which has gathered all the best that the world of mobile devices can offer.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the basis of the gadget &ndash ; is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset. This processor with eight cores operating at a frequency of up to 3200 MHz, combined into three clusters, where the first contains one high-performance Cortex-X2 core, and the second – three energy-efficient Cortex-A710 cores (2750 MHz) and 4 Cortex-A510 cores (2000 MHz).

It should be noted that this platform was announced by Qualcomm in May 2022 and is being created using the 4 nm technology. Thanks to this modern technology, the smartphone scores impressive results in the AnTuTu test – 987,000 points, which puts it in line with the best representatives of the market. With a huge built-in memory of 1000 GB and 16 GB of LPDDR5X RAM, the device provides fast and stable operation.

On the front side, Realme GT3 offers a 6.74-inch OLED display with a resolution of 2772 x 1240 pixels, capable of displaying rich and vivid colors. The refresh rate of 144 Hz provides maximum comfort of use, guaranteeing smoothness and no delays when viewing content or playing games. At the same time, the high frequency of reading touches – 360 Hz – contributes to the responsiveness of the screen. The peak brightness reaches 1500 cd/m2, which makes watching HDR video more qualitative.

The smartphone is equipped with a Li-Pol battery with a capacity of 4600 mAh, ensuring operation all day. But it is especially worth highlighting the gallium nitride power adapter, which charges the battery from 0 to 100% in just 10 minutes under ideal conditions. This is a really impressive technological breakthrough.

The powerful triple camera system of the device includes three lenses: Sony IMX890 50 MP (aperture f/1.88, optical stabilization), wide-angle 8 MP (f/2.2, capture angle 112°) and a 2-megapixel microscope (f/3.3) for fun. In daylight, the photos are beautiful, detailed and with a wide dynamic range.

Overall, the Realme GT3 16/1TB is a powerful and innovative device that impresses with its specs and capabilities, making it one of the best large-screen smartphones on the market in 2024.

7. HUAWEI Nova 11i

HUAWEI Nova 11i 8/128 GB is a perfect combination of high technology and an affordable price, which makes it an attractive choice for a wide range of users. Equipped with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor with eight cores at 2.4 GHz, this smartphone ensures stable and smooth operation in any environment.

With a score of 255,000 in the AnTuTu benchmark, the HUAWEI Nova 11i demonstrated a high performance that makes it ideal for a variety of tasks, from multimedia content to gaming and multitasking. Built-in memory of 128 GB and RAM of 8 GB provide enough space for data storage and smooth operation of applications without delays.

The Android 12 operating system installed on the device further simplifies interaction with it thanks to an intuitive interface and a number of useful functions, which makes using the HUAWEI Nova 11i pleasant and comfortable.

Ultra-wide screen with a diagonal of 6.8 inches and a separate 2388×1080 pixel resolution provides a bright and clear image with high detail thanks to LTPS technology. At the same time, the screen refresh rate is 90 Hz, which ensures smooth transitions and comfortable content perception, making the use of the smartphone even more pleasant.

The 48 MP camera offers the ability to take high-quality photos even in low-light conditions, making the HUAWEI Nova 11i a great companion for those who appreciate the opportunity to capture the bright moments of life.

The 5000 mAh battery provides a long battery life , which makes the HUAWEI Nova 11i an ideal choice for active users who value the reliability and duration of the device without recharging.

Overall, the HUAWEI Nova 11i 8/128GB is a well-balanced solution with high performance, a quality display, advanced camera and long battery life, making it one of the best large-screen smartphones on the market in 2024.

8. Tecno Spark 20 Pro

Tecno Spark 20 Pro 8/256 GB is an impressive representative of the smartphone world, occupying its niche in the market thanks to balanced characteristics and modern technological solutions that ensure high performance and functionality.

The heart of this device is the MediaTek Helio G99 octa-core processor, which, together with the Mali-G57 MC2 video processor, ensures flawless operation in various applications and games. This is evidenced by a significant result in the AnTuTu benchmark, where the smartphone reached the level of 420,000 points, confirming its outstanding performance.

The Android 13 operating system installed on the device opens the user to all the latest functionality and security improvements, providing a more convenient and secure interaction with the device.

The screen with a diagonal of 6.78 inches and a resolution of 2460×1080 pixels, equipped with IPS technology, offers stunning image quality with bright and saturated colors, as well as wide viewing angles, making viewing content on the Tecno Spark 20 Pro unforgettable.

A rich set of wireless interfaces, such as Bluetooth 5.2, NFC and Wi-Fi 802.11ac, makes this smartphone a universal tool for connecting to various devices and networks. Support for many communication standards, including 2G, 3G and 4G LTE, ensures uninterrupted communication in any network conditions.

The photographic capabilities of Tecno Spark 20 Pro are impressive: the main camera is 108 MP, supplemented two additional sensors for macro shooting and depth measurement, as well as a 32 MP front camera provide the ability to create high-quality pictures and selfies.

The amount of built-in memory is impressive – 256 GB for data storage and 8 GB of RAM provide enough space and fast operation of applications.

Navigation system including A-GPS, BeiDou, GPS, Galileo, QZSS ensures accurate and fast location determination anywhere in the world, making the Tecno Spark 20 Pro a reliable companion for travel and everyday use.

The 5000 mAh battery provides a long working time without the need for frequent charging, making this smartphone an ideal choice for active users , who appreciate long-term autonomous operation of the device.

Thus, the Tecno Spark 20 Pro 8/256GB is a powerful and functional smartphone that combines advanced technology, high performance and thoughtful design, making it one of the best large screen smartphones on the market in 2024.


9. Infinix ZERO 30

The Infinix ZERO 30 12/256 GB is an impressive smartphone that stands out from the competition thanks to its advanced technology and excellent features. This smartphone is available in several body color options such as purple, gold and green, allowing each user to find the perfect option for their style.

With an amazing result in the AnTuTu test, where it reached an impressive 720090 points, Infinix ZERO 30 demonstrates the highest performance that will satisfy even the most demanding users. This is achieved thanks to the powerful MediaTek Dimensity 8020 platform, which provides fast and efficient work in various applications and games.

The amount of memory in the Infinix ZERO 30 is impressive: 256 GB of built-in memory and 12 GB of RAM provide not only a lot of space for data storage, but also guarantee smooth and instant switching between applications without delays.

The Android 13 operating system gives the Infinix ZERO 30 smartphone even more functionality and capabilities, opening up a wide range of settings and tools for the user to customize the device to their needs.

Thanks to a screen with a diagonal of 6.78 inches, a resolution of 2400×1080 pixels and a high refresh rate of 144 Hz, the Infinix ZERO 30 provides stunning clarity and fluidity of the image. AMOLED technology will provide bright and rich colors, which makes viewing content on this smartphone truly exciting.

The smartphone camera system includes a main 108 MP with optical stabilization and 13 MP, as well as a frontal 50 MP, which allows you to take high-quality pictures and videos even in the most demanding conditions.

With a large 5000 mAh battery, Infinix ZERO 30 provides a long working time without the need for frequent recharging, making it the perfect companion for an active lifestyle.

Compact dimensions of the smartphone – 75×164.5×7.9mm and an incredibly light weight of only 185g make the Infinix ZERO 30 one of the most comfortable and portable devices in its class, while maintaining high performance and capabilities.

10. HUAWEI nova Y91

HUAWEI Nova Y91 8/256 GB is a new mid-budget model from HUAWEI, which is distinguished by an interesting combination of price and functionality, as well as impressive autonomy of operation.

This smartphone is equipped with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor with a maximum frequency of 2400 MHz . This advanced platform, developed on the 4nm process, provides high performance and energy efficiency. The throttling of the chipset is less than 10%, which is an excellent indicator in this class of devices.

In the AnTuTu test, the HUAWEI Nova Y91 scored an impressive 261,000 points, which indicates its decent performance against the competition. The smartphone also has 8 GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 256 GB of internal storage, which provides not only high speed of operation, but also a large amount of data storage.

The HUAWEI Nova Y91 screen has a diagonal of 6.95 inches and is made of IPS technology. The resolution of the panel is 2376×1080 pixels, and the refresh rate – 90 Hz, ensuring smooth animations and interface. The screen provides good brightness, but can get dim in the sun due to its large diagonal.

As for the cameras, the main module offers a dual camera with 50 MP and 2 MP sensors for calculating the depth of the scene, and the front camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels . The quality of pictures during the day is decent, but it can be inferior at dusk.

One of the important advantages of the HUAWEI Nova Y91 is its 7000 mAh battery. It consists of two cells to accelerate charging. In tests for the duration of work, impressive results are shown: games up to 8 hours, watching videos up to 15 hours. In everyday use, the battery lasts 2-3 days, and the charging time from 0 to 100% is about 2 hours.

Which brand to choose?

When it comes to choosing a smartphone brand, there are a few major brands that are widely known for their quality, reliability, and innovation. Let's consider several of them:

1. Samsung

Samsung – one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. The brand is known for its diverse range of models, ranging from budget options to flagship devices. Samsung is also known for its innovations in design and technology, such as Infinity screens and feature-rich cameras.

2. Apple

Apple – a leader in the smartphone industry, offers its devices under the iPhone brand. iPhone smartphones are known for their high build quality, performance and integration with the Apple ecosystem. They also often feature a stylish design and many exclusive features.

3. Huawei

Huawei – a Chinese brand that is becoming increasingly popular due to its advanced technology and innovation. Huawei smartphones offer high performance, quality cameras and long battery life. In addition, some models have innovative features such as multi-lens cameras.

4. Xiaomi

Xiaomi – a Chinese brand known for its affordable prices and high quality products. Xiaomi smartphones usually offer excellent value for money, have good performance and a lot of features. The brand is also known for its innovative products such as smartphones with retractable cameras.

5. OnePlus

OnePlus – a relatively young brand that quickly gained popularity thanks to its flagship devices with high performance and a low price. OnePlus smartphones have quality screens, fast processors and sophisticated software.

6. Google (Pixel)

Google introduces a line of Pixel smartphones that provide a pure Android experience , fast updates and high quality cameras. Pixel smartphones are known for their integration with Google services and excellent photo quality.

7. Oppo

Oppo — another Chinese brand that is known for its innovations in cameras and charging. Oppo smartphones have a stylish design, high build quality and advanced cameras.

The choice of smartphone brand depends from your preferences, budget and functionality requirements. Check out the different models and consider user reviews to choose the most suitable option for you.

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