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Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup broke after 1.5 km of travel

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr3,2024

Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup broke after 1.5 km of travel

The new Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup already in the first days after its release got into an unpleasant story.

Private plane pilot and YouTube blogger Thomas Remo recently received his long-awaited a brand new Cybertruck, and even in the top configuration. But the joy was short-lived: his car broke down literally during the very first trip, not having driven even two kilometers!

The entire screen in the car interior suddenly began to flash red, and on the instrument panel appeared the threatening message “URGENT” PRESS TO SATURDAY».

An ominous beep added drama to this chaotic scene. The incident, unfortunately, only confirms the reputation of Tesla – their machines are notorious for quality issues. And it seems that Cybertruck, the first futuristic pickup in the company's line, was no exception.

Remo was not lost and filmed everything. “We literally broke it as soon as we left!” — he laughs at the camera in disbelief.

According to the report, the Cybertruck had a "critical steering problem". Although the problem was initially rectified, it returned as soon as the driver pressed the gas pedal harder.

Remo ended up in utter exasperation: "44 miles [of mileage] and this is the fifth time I getting this critical steering error!». Interestingly, the breakdown seems to be related to the "Beast Mode" — this function allows the pickup to accelerate to hundreds in less than three seconds.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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