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To replace Telegram: Ukrainian developers offer to launch the “Action. Channels” service

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May15,2024

To replace Telegram: Ukrainian developers propose to launch the service

"Action. Channels”

The creation of a communication service in “Diya” would become a high-quality alternative to foreign messengers and social networks, in particular Telegram. This will make it possible to receive quick information from official representatives of the authorities, quality Ukrainian media and NGOs.

Ukrainian developers of an application for checking privacy in the Telegram messenger propose to develop a secure communication service in “Dia”. During the presentation, representatives of the NGO “Analytical Center of Information Resources” told about it.

Analyst of the organization Bohdan Solomykin believes that no application, messenger can be 100% safe. And in the conditions of war, they say, now there are the most questions for Telegram. Everything that enters the Internet, personal information, in one way or another can appear in public access on the network. And the enemy actively uses this.

At the same time, Solomykin's colleague Oleksandr Oleshko notes that Telegram can be positioned to citizens as a platform which is a dump where both necessary and unnecessary information is stored.

Furthermore, we do not know whether Telegram servers sift out deleted, old information, or simply collect it in certain databases, as was done in other social networks in the early days, the analyst adds.

In this regard, the developers conducted an experiment: where and how information deleted by Telegram users ends up.

For example, a user sent another person their passport data, and then decided to delete this information. Most platforms have an option for instant deletion, and then this information is filtered from the servers that support it. But our research showed that in Telegram, after deletion, such information is stored for several hours – perhaps it is really deleted in order not to overload the servers. However, the very fact of such a “delay” leads us to believe that Telegram is dangerous for data transmission, Oleshko suggests.

At the same time, experts are not against using social networks for personal communication, because “this is a business every person's choice”. That is why they propose to create a Ukrainian alternative to Telegram and other social networks and messengers.

There is an idea to create a project that would be based on one of the most popular applications in the country and has proven itself to be a truly high-quality service – this is “Diya”, which is created on the code written by Ukrainian developers. And in order not to overload the existing capabilities of “Action” it can be a separate service “Action. Channels” with authorization through the parent service. This is how the service of the driver's electronic account already works, and soon the electronic account of the conscript will work, the analyst noted.

The developers claim that such a solution will allow to receive quick information “from official representatives authorities, such as the Office of the President, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, high-quality Ukrainian media and public organizations”.

In addition, analysts are convinced that in order to protect against violations of freedom of speech and human rights in general, it is necessary to ensure constant high-quality moderation in the service.

To replace Telegram: Ukrainian developers propose to launch the service

NGO representatives

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