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Tesla plant in California blamed for air pollution

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May15,2024

Tesla plant in California accused of air pollution

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Tesla is accused of polluting California's air due to violations at Musk's plant. According to the activist, Elon's factory violated the laws hundreds of times.

Tesla was sued by the Environmental Democracy Project — the document states that the car assembly plant has been systematically violating the law since 2021.

And although Elon’s company constantly talks about caring for the environment with their electric cars, the car production itself cannot be called “clean,” reports CNBC .

In the document, environmentalists accuse the company of excessive air pollution and nitrogen oxide, arsenic, cadmium and other chemicals.

Tesla ranked 89th out of 100 toxic air pollutants in 2023, according to Research Institute for Political Economy at the University of Massachusetts.

California authorities fined the company $275 thousand in 2022 due to lack of measurements and accounting of emissions into the air.

At the beginning of 2024, Tesla sued 25 California counties, but the matter was quickly settled. In May, environmentalists in Germany protest against deforestation for the construction of a Tesla plant near Berlin.

In the USA, Tesla is also being tested for autopilot operation. Due to numerous accidents with cars and Mask’s advertising about car technologies, the company’s actions will be studied for fraud.

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