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Tired face, harp, shovel: new emojis announced for iOS 18

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May27,2024

Tired Face, Harp, Shovel: New Emojis Announced for iOS 18

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Apple users will now get new emoticons in the updated iOS 18. The developers will add emojis of a tired face, a fingerprint, a leafless tree, a root crop, a harp, a shovel and a blob.

Announced seven new emojis for iOS 18, preparing for launch. Dexerto writes about it.

Unicode launched beta testing of these emojis until July 2. After that, the final set will be announced and Apple, Google, and Microsoft will be able to add them to their systems.

Smartphone manufacturers like Apple often need months to create approved new emoji artwork, so until iOS 18 Apple releases, likely to add new symbols in iOS 18.4 by 2025 when iOS 3 is released.

Weary Face, Harp, Shovel: New Emojis Announced for iOS 18

New Emojis/unsplash

Apple is expected to unveil the iOS 18 update at its upcoming conference WWDC on June 10. However, don't expect it to appear on your phone right away. The update is likely to hit devices no sooner than September 2024, and if the rumors are true, iOS 18 could be a game changer.

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