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This video of a giant squid attack fascinates scientists

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024

dark seabed and disquieting, agiant squid with a physical appearance atypical, an attack, fascinated researchers… There is enough to design a good film pitch at the same time. suspense or terror which would take place in the open sea. But all these elements refer to a videovery real, and we explain it to you in this article! =”image/webp”>This video of the attack of a giant squid fascinates scientists

an attack filmed on the seabed

A few months ago, we explained to you in this article that a sixth ocean was forming on Earth, at sea. cause of the division of a continent. A fascinating phenomenon that we will obviously not be able to observe in our lifetime. And if you are one of those people who fear the unknown, and in particular the creatures that can inhabit the seabed, perhaps it is better for you: you would not want to see even more strange critters multiply.

However, some are all about it. actually fascinating. This is particularly the case for the Taningia danaeone of the largest species of squid, which can measure up to 100 cm. 2.3 meters. And it is precisely a giant squid of this species, measuring around 2 meters, which was discovered. film attacking the observation cameras of a group of Australian researchers from the University of Texas. of Western Australia (UWA).

< h2>never-before-seen images of a little-known giant squid

It’s up to About 1,000 meters below the surface a giant squid was killed. film,à a depth where Almost complete darkness reigns. But there it is. that one of the particularities of of the squid in question shines, literally: this one is equipped with classic tentacles, but also two arms with luminescent tips (called “photophores”), allowing it to emit light. marine creature particularly adept at hunting:the device that was attacked the giant squid was falling at a speed of 60 meters per minute. And in case of difficulty, the Taningia danae can also count on the deadly hooks located on the inside of its arms. Formidable, this squid.

This video of the attack of a giant squid fascinates scientists

If scientists are so excited about this video, it's because this species of giant squid remains very little known. It has essentially been discovered. observed when creatures became stranded or destroyed. caught by accident in the open sea, which is rather rare. Suffice it to say that the video of this attack by a giant squid should be studied from every angle.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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