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Marvel: this new team of superheroes will overshadow the Avengers

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024

Of the 8 teams currently active, In the MCU, that of the Avengers is the best known and the most popular with superhero fans, but until now When ? A new, even more powerful team is about to be introduced in the comic books, and given the success of some of its performers in the screen, we bet that it could also land in the cinema in the years to come. come…

Marvel: this new team of superheroes will overshadow the Avengers

tremble, the children of Odin are coming!

Since the birth of Marvel, several dozen superhero teams have appeared in the pages of comic books. Some, like the X-Men or the Avengers, are particularly appreciated by readers, and include in their ranks some of the most powerful vigilantes in this universe. Difficult to overshadow; these well-established teams, and to capture the attention of the public with new groups… The Children of Odin, who are preparing to land inThe Immortal Thor #11, will they succeed? In the preview for this issue, the famous God of Thunder will bring together the immensely powerful gods of his familyto face his enemies. After having been trapped for the murder of Roxxon Corporation CEO Dario, who was in fact murdered. killed by The Enchantress and Skurge, the blond superhero leaves Earth until his innocence is proven.

Marvel: this new team of superheroes will overshadow the Avengers

He then sets up a new team, made up of his brothers and sisters.The objective is to by Thor in thus bringing together the sons and daughters of Odin is of a family type, as you can see from the summary, since for them it is a question offinding their brother disappeared!

Tyr had disappearedand rumors circulated about the cosmic forces at hand. the work. So Odin's children gathered in their father's name to search for one of their own. The majestic Thor, the fierce Angela, the courageous Balder, the quick Hermod, the quiet Honir, the strong Vidar, the cunning Loki, and even Laussa the youngest, were all there. and another separate one. Another, whose name they feared. This is the story of the Immortal Thor… and Odin's lost son.

Disappeared the end of the G.O.D.S. series, as he climbs into a mysterious box, guided by by a disembodied voice which tells him “This is your new home” and that he will “love it“, Tyr has there is a good chance of being in a bad position. Fortunately, the team made up of the Children of Odin looks so powerful that it is inevitably up for grabs. even free him, don't you think? Especially if Hela, who died far too quickly in the MCU, also turns out to be there!

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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