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This is my city: beautiful songs about Kyiv that allow you to feel the atmosphere of the capital

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May24,2024

This is my city: beautiful songs about Kyiv that allow you to feel the atmosphere of the capital

Listen to songs about Kyiv for the Day of the City/Collage of Radio MAXIMUM

This year, on May 26, Kyiv celebrates its birthday – a holiday that unites all residents and fans of this beautiful city. And it is difficult to imagine this day without good music. Especially the one dedicated to Kyiv!

Kyiv, with its green hills, golden domes and turbulent history, never ceases to inspire poets, musicians and composers. On this day, we happily recall songs dedicated to our beloved city. They reflect its spirit, beauty and grandeur, and help each of us feel the special atmosphere of the capital. We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of music that glorifies Kyiv and celebrate Kyiv Day with us through the best songs about our city.

Good songs about Kyiv

Listen with Radio MAXIMUMbeautiful songs about Kyiv to fully feel the atmosphere of this unforgettable city!

Pavlo Zibrov – Khreshchatyk: watch the video for the song

CEPASA – Kyiv: watch the video for the song

LELY45 – Girl from the Kyiv Ghetto: watch the video for the song

ONUKA – Misto: Watch the song video

PROBASS ∆ HARDI – SPEAK KYIV: listen to the song

Tember Blanche – about Kyiv: watch the video for the song

Viktor Pavlik – Athens, Kyiv and Istanbul: watch the performance video

Yevhen Filatov: see video for the song

-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen frameborder=”0″ height=”360″ referrerpolicy=”strict-origin-when-cross-origin” src=” enablejsapi=1&origin=” title=”Video clip Yevhen Filatov – How Kyiv sounds” width=”640″>

Kvitka Tsysyk – Kyiv Waltz: listen to the song

Zhadan and Dogs – Troeshchyna: watch the performance video

More songs about Kyiv worth listening to:

  • 5 Vymir – Rocks
  • adm:t – str. Fuchika
  • ANSTAY – Kyiv
  • Badworth & Chocollab – Procrastinator
  • Badworth & Chocollab – Freak
  • Badworth & Chocollab – Papitam
  • Badworth & Chocollab – Telephone
  • Badworth & Chocollab – Ctrl C
  • Blooms Corda – Kyiv Station
  • Das Wortspiel – Livoberezhna
  • O.Torvald – Kyiv-London
  • ONUKA – Zenit
  • Our Atlantic – you hear
  • PAAT & RUSIIICK – Military Kyiv
  • Postman – Kyiv Streets
  • SAGE, elarm, Marbi – Kyiv is Home
  • spice spice boy – Oblast
  • TOLO4NYI – City
  • THE HARDKISS – Festival (dedication to Kyiv)
  • >

  • thekomakoma – Sredechko
  • thekomakoma – Kiyanka (feat. Maria Stopnyk)
  • thekomakoma – Richka – Charivnytsia (feat. Kokochikeng)
  • thekomakoma – Time Riko Plyve (feat. DJ Ministr)
  • Tom Misch, Yussef Dayes – Kyiv
  • Vanessa Paradis – Kiev
  • Вагоновожатые – Эфект лесницы
  • Вагоновожатые – Bez tramvaev
  • VUZV – Dynamo Kyiv
  • band [O] – Kyiv Mii
  • Kozak Fokin – White Chestnuts
  • Lidia Vidash – Chestnuts
  • Dead Rooster – Kyiv Triptych
  • Mykola Kovalskyi – Hydropark
  • Nastya Hontsul – Podil
  • Nitso Potvorno – KhVLV
  • li>

  • Nice Ugly – Darkness in Klo
  • Nice Ugly – Aftercloser
  • Nice Ugly – Kyiv
  • Aleksandr Taranets – Everything I Need
  • palindrome – all day
  • Violet – Kyiv-Berlin-Kyiv
  • Yurii Gulyaev – My Kyiv
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