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There will be changes for refugees in Poland: which payments will be canceled for Ukrainians

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr11,2024

There will be changes in Poland for refugees: what payments will be canceled for Ukrainians


The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration submitted to the Polish government amendments to the law on assistance to citizens of Ukraine in connection with the armed conflict. The document was published by the Office of the Prime Minister of Poland.

Poland plans to review aid to Ukrainian refugees. Among the main changes is the cancellation of part of the payments. Radio Maximum tells what exactly will change.

The new draft law on payments for Ukrainians provides for:

  • cancellation of one-time cash assistance to newly arrived refugees in the amount of 300 zlotys (2,945 UAH);< /li>
  • changing the system of payment for accommodation and meals in collective centers. Refugees may be required to pay for their stay from benefits under the 800+ program;
  • end of funding support for photography during paperwork;
  • cancellation of the 40+ program for homeowners who have sheltered for free up to 10 refugees from Ukraine at home.

Government officials do not fully understand the scale of use of the “40+” program by non-governmental organizations. It turned out that not every second refugee home cared for by public organizations was financed in this way. They promise that they will be handed over to the management of voivodes, but no one knows what form it will take, – noted Oleksandr Pestrykov, a representative of the monitoring and advocacy department of the Ukrainian House.

At the same time, it is said that a number of mechanisms assistance to Ukrainians will be preserved. In particular: access to the labor market for Ukrainians; the validity period of visas and temporary residence permits that were issued to citizens of Ukraine and whose validity period expired after February 24, 2022; continued access to social programs.

Also, the terms of legal stay in Poland for people with PESEL UKR status and the period when doctors and dentists from Ukraine can obtain a work permit in their specialty under a simplified procedure will be extended.

>> payments to Ukrainians will be canceled

The draft amendments to the law on payments for Ukrainians in Poland provide for the regulation of payments 800+ (800 zlotys monthly until the age of majority – UAH 7,952) and Good Start (300 zlotys (2,945 UAH) for a school starter kit).

These payments will have an additional requirement that Ukrainian citizens will have to meet. The project provides that they will be entitled to 800+ if they live with their child in Poland and the child attends a Polish school.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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