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The USA received the first combat F-15EX

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun9,2024

The US received the first combat F-15EX

F-15EX from Boeing, despite the threat of disruption of deadlines, begins to strengthen the US Air Force and we are talking about a fighter with the ultimate ammunition for 14 AIM-120, or 28 precision bombs

Boeing made the first delivery of the first F-15EX combat fighter to the US Air Force, which has strengthened the 142nd Air National Guard Wing in Oregon.

This is an important milestone for this machine, because only four experimental machines were delivered before this, and the first such F-15EX was delivered as early as March 2021. But now we are talking about a machine that is fully operational – combat-ready, as noted by the company.

Also, Boeing announced the transfer of another formation vehicle, which should close the first tranche of fighters with the index 1B. At the same time, in general, despite all the threats of disruption of deadlines, everything is going according to the general plan, because the deadline for the delivery of this batch was determined to be in the middle of 2024. And this happened despite the Pentagon's fear of a slow production rate of aircraft and lagging behind the schedule for the transfer of individual machines, which was actively discussed as early as November 2023.

At the same time, it is very difficult to say that the F-15EX program is going smoothly, because the order for them has already decreased from 144 machines to 104, which was officially announced in March 2023. And this is not the worst option, because at one time there was even a figure of 80 units.

At the same time, such a reduction was met with reasoned criticism, because experts see unique opportunities in this machine, which are associated with extremely high capabilities in terms of flight range and the amount of weapons that the F-15EX can carry. And this is supported by a powerful AN/APG-82 radar with AESA and EPAWSS EW system, which allows to “clear the way” for the F-35.

Although in general the concept of using the F-15EX in air combat involves “unloading” at the enemy a huge number of AIM-120D missiles. Because this aircraft can carry up to 14 such missiles on the new AMBER weapon mounts. For comparison, the F-35 can carry only 4 such missiles in its internal compartments.

In addition, for strikes against ground targets, the F-15EX can carry up to 28 small-sized SDB bombs, which turns it into a real bomber. And in general, due to the new GE F110 engines, the aircraft's payload is up to 13.4 tons.

And finally, it is possible to remind that in 2021, Boeing was ready to start working on the issue of supplying Ukraine with F-15EX. Moreover, as practice shows, with the right approach, it is possible to get very interesting conditions for such supply. For example, Boeing even offers partial localization of the F-15EX to Poland.

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