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French Mirage 2000: an aviation expert named the advantages and disadvantages of the fighter

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun9,2024

French Mirage 2000: an aviation expert named the advantages and disadvantages of the fighter

France announced that it will transfer Mirage 2000 fighters to Ukraine. This was developed in 1978, they entered service a little later. It was a very serious and powerful aircraft for its time.

Mirage 2000 very maneuverable, has a radar, can see about 100 kilometers and fire at 80 kilometers. Aviation expert Kostyantyn Kryvolap noticed this on Channel 24.

Advantages and disadvantages of Mirage 2000

Kostyantyn Kryvolap noted that the Mirage 2000 was produced until 2007, and had not been modernized since 1998. Mirage 2000-5 differs from other models in improved avionics, control systems, and weapons. If compared with Gripen, Gripen – a more modern, more suitable car for our conditions. In addition, Mirage is very difficult to maintain.

When we compare different cars, we need to understand the balance of what we spend on this car and what we get from this car. The benefit of the Mirage is mainly that these aircraft can carry Storm Shadow, SCALP, in the future – Taurus, can carry HAMMER guided bombs. And that's almost all, – he explained.

According to an aviation expert, the Mirage 2000 will lose in an aerial battle with the Russian Su-35. In particular, because he cannot see it far, he does not have a suitable missile. If you compare the Mirage 2000 with the F-16, the only advantage of the Mirage 2000 is that it can carry Storm Shadow missiles, SCALP, in the long run – Taurus.

“We have the following main tasks for aviation. First of all, to drive away the Su-34, Su-35, which are annoying us with KABs both on the front line and on civilian structures, in our cities. Here we can to work F-16. It will cope with this task a little worse. But the Mirage will not be able to do anything there.” emphasized Kryvolap.

Also, the Mirage can significantly reduce the load if the F-16s are engaged in air defense tasks. Then French fighters can effectively destroy both cruise missiles and Shaheds.

Natasha Kumar

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