Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

USA imposed new sanctions against North Korea

Photo: US Treasury

The United States on Wednesday, March 27, announced sanctions against six individuals and two companies based in Russia, China and the United Arab Emirates, accusing them of transferring funds to North Korea's weapons program.

< p>In a statement, the US Treasury Department said that the actions were taken in coordination with South Korea, reports Reuters.

The statement named six individuals: Yoo Pu Ung, Ri Tong Hyok, Han Chol Man, Oh In Chun, Jung Seon Ho and Jong Young Gun.

Companies sanctioned include Vladivostok-based Alis LLC and UAE-registered Pioneer Bencont Star Real Estate.

The statement said both companies are part of the Chinyong Information Technology Cooperation, which is linked to North Korea's military.

The Treasury Department said Chinyong, which has been under sanctions since May 2023, uses a network of companies and representatives to management of North Korean IT specialists working in Russia and Laos.

The United States and South Korea this week announced the creation of a new working group aimed at preventing illegal oil imports for the DPRK, as existing international sanctions imposed UNSC, practically do not work.

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